9/9: #FreebieFriday

It’s #FreebieFriday! We’re getting you ready for the weekend with one incredible book from each of our top genres! Click the links below, and remember to thank our authors with reviews!

Appreciate the freebies? Let our authors know in the comments! And tell us what you like to get free books in your favorite genres in your inbox every week!


  1. Deena Woolfitt

    Thankyou you all so much for sharing your work with us all! I don’t get much money and have to be careful with what books I spend it on. Now you have given me multiple books all free! Yay! I’m in heaven!❤️

  2. Carrie L.

    I love getting these InstaFreebie books. I really look forward to seeing what books are available. My favorite books are vampires, shifters and fictional romance books. Thank you for making my day special when I get your books.

  3. Kay

    Thank you very much for the books. 💕 So thankful to all the authors for giving away their work for free. Hope they get thousands of new fans as a result. 👍

    What a pity ‘Mother Nile’ was finished before I even got here…right up my street. 😭

  4. Mary

    I just want to thank all of the authors who offered their books for free today. I am retired and on a limited income. This is a great bonus for me as I am a voracious reader! Once again, thank you all so very much. 😊

  5. Yvonne

    Thank you for the freebies, appreciate, if I ever get to upload to reading app. Enjoy romance of all kinds but best if they have mystery or thriller side. When budget tight these free ones are a real blessing. Thanks again

  6. LB Suede

    How about a few books more suited for men….I like sci-fi and post apocalypse survival type fiction books for example, but I prefer them without a female protagonist who is torn between her stirring feelings of passion for the two men she meets on the road. Especially when these feelings cross her mind during the tense moments of any near death experience. Come on lady writers, this ‘Twilight’ -esque format is becoming so worn out and passē. The fact that women play guys against each other while deciding which one to stick with isn’t even a noble endevour…it’s shallow.

  7. Jeannie Dooley

    Thank you so very much for all the free books. I can’t do much, and have little money, but have always loved to read. I had a library of 3,000 books I had built up over my many years, but a cyst on my retina forced me to change to e-books, where you can bump up the text size as much as you need. So I am especially grateful for free books.

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