Author Spotlight: Justin Sloan and Dean F. Wilson

Author Spotlight: Justin Sloan and Dean F. Wilson

We have so many amazing and talented authors here at instaFreebie, and we’re really excited to introduce them to you. instaFreebie’s Author Spotlight gives readers the chance to meet some new authors and see it first before anyone else!

Justin Sloan

justin sloan

Any pen names?
Jesse Nethermind

Favorite genre to write?
Fantasy and Urban Fantasy

Favorite genre to read?
Fantasy and Urban Fantasy, but also YA and MG

My readers would be surprised to know that I…
I was in the Marines for 5 years and worked at Telltale Games for 2 years (Game of Thrones, Walking Dead: Michonne, and more). I’m not sure which was more challenging!

death marked justin sloan

Exclusive: Death Marked by Justin Sloan

You should pick up Death Marked because…
it is urban fantasy with action, magic, ghosts, and a journey into the afterlife that resembles Orpheus’ journey to save his wife. Perfect for anyone with a passion for stories that bring action and love together to tell epic stories.

Describe Death Marked in one word: 

The best part about being an author is…
is connecting with my readers. I love hearing how my stories have impacted people and made fans out of them. It has been a pleasant surprise to receive an email from a grown man telling me they were sobbing in the middle of one of my books, or the email from an amazing woman who is very enthusiastic about reading my books and told me that helping me as a beta reader brings meaning to her life. Authors simply try to tell the best story they can and that’s all we can hope for, but when we receive messages such as these, we find a new layer of meaning in our lives.

Dean F. Wilson

dean f wilson author


Any pen names?
None (yet).

Favorite genre to write?
This is like asking a child about his favourite toys, but probably fantasy (of any variety)-anywhere I get to create new worlds.

Favorite genre to read?
Again, somewhat difficult, but generally speculative fiction. If forced to choose, then fantasy.

My readers would be surprised to know that…
used to be an instructor of a Korean sword martial art called Haidong Gumdo. That was a decade ago now. How time flies!

 hopebreaker dean f wilson
Hopebreaker by Dean F. Wilson

You should pick up Hopebreaker because…
it’s fast-paced, features interesting and flawed characters, has film noir-esque tit-for-tat dialogue, great action scenes, and thought-provoking concepts.

Describe Hopebreaker in one word:

The best part about being an author is…
creating new worlds and experiencing many lives (which is arguably the same best part of being a reader).

9 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Justin Sloan and Dean F. Wilson

  1. I love meeting the authors! Both of these gentlemen would become good friends if we lived closer. And I have other friends who would be in the middle of it all!

  2. This is an eye opening experience, not just meeting these 2 creative authors, but hearing some unknown facts about each of them. As I looked at their pictures I thought “They look like children” (yes I am an “Old Lady”) but when they shared some of their experiences I had to rethink “What young faces both of these gentlemen have” Yes, I allowed you to age gracefully.

  3. Well, looks like I have two new book (and possibly authors) to get into. Both novels sound interesting, so I’ll definitely be checking them out sooner rather than later. Also, it was great meeting the minds behind the scenes!

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