Author Spotlight: Melle Amade and Ann Gimpel

Melle Amade

Sanctuary: Part One by Melle Amade 

Any (not-so-secret) pen names: No.

Favorite genre to write: Fantasy and Historical Epics

Favorite genre to read: YA, Fantasy (Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Epic), Historical Epics, Non-Fiction

My readers would be surprised to know that I write sections of my novels in a private jet while doing my day job.

You should pick up Sanctuary because it’s a poetic page-turner – full of surprise, deep emotion, and dark secrets – that will take you to a shifter world you haven’t experienced before.

Describe Sanctuary in one word: Gripping

The best part about being an author is… Being able to delve into the psyche of other people who don’t really exist, work out my own personal demons, live in an imaginary world, take inventory of everyone around me for later reference in novels, connecting with amazing readers and writers, leaving a legacy for my children, playing with the socio-mythology of the world and exploring the best and worst of human nature in dramatic, edge-of-the-seat situations. Also… I never know how it’s going to end so I love getting to that bit!

Ann Gimpel

Exclusive Roman’s Gold by Ann Gimpel

Any (not-so-secret) pen names: Ann Gimpel

Favorite genre to write: Urban fantasy romance

Favorite genre to read: That is such a hard choice. I love UF romance and PRN romance and straight UF and high fantasy and science fiction, so long as it’s not placed in outer space. I also enjoy steampunk in all its iterations.

My readers would be surprised to know that I… live with wolf hybrids.

The best part about being an author is… I love the creative process, but the best part of being an Indie author is having control and the ability to pivot in response to rapidly changing market trends.


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