Author Spotlight: Siobhan Davis and Ilana Waters

Siobhan Davis

Finding Kyler by Siobhan Davis

Any (not-so-secret) pen names: Not so far

Favorite genre to write: Romance (To date I’ve written sci-fi dystopian and paranormal romance and recently branched out to contemporary romance which I am LOVING!)

Favorite genre to read: Surprisingly enough – romance!! (I love reading YA romance, in particular, as I adore the combination of romance and mystery/intrigue or action/adventure that is typical of a lot of popular YA series.)

My readers would be surprised to know that I…  could’ve had an alternative career as a ballerina My ballet teacher begged my mom to make me stick with my dance classes because, apparently, I had the perfect ballerina’s body and poise. Anyone that knows me now will say I made a wise decision to give it up when I did!

You should pick up Finding Kyler (The Kennedy Boys Book One) because… it’s a contemporary romance with a controversial twist you won’t soon forget! International Bestselling Author Georgia Le Carre had this to say about Finding Kyler: “Lashings of drama, hot chemistry, and great banter. Perfect for fans of Tijan.”

Describe Finding Kyler (The Kennedy Boys Book One) in one word: Addictive

The best part about being an author is… getting up every day to inhabit imaginary worlds of my own creation and being paid to do it. It truly is the stuff dreams are made of and I’m so grateful to each and every reader who has embraced my work and supported me on this journey.


Ilana Waters

House of Cards by Ilana Waters

Any (not-so-secret) pen names: none
Favorite genre to write: urban fantasy
Favorite genre to read: same!
My readers would be surprised to know that I… Have been reading Tarot cards for over twenty years.
You should pick up House of Cards because… It’s breathtaking Parisian setting, fast-moving plot, and strong-willed heroine, this YA vampire romance will keep you spellbound!
Describe House of Cards in one word: Spellbinding.
The best part about being an author is… Getting to go on magical adventures without ever leaving my home!


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    I can’t get to the Instafreebie page. When I click on the book or the book’s title, I get a warning that the address is not secure. (Your connection is not private!)

  2. Sheryl

    I can’t thank enough for the free books. As I am on a pension and only the pension for an income, It is the only way I can afford to get my books. Free from where ever I can. Thank you again.

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