See It First: Eric Kent Edstrom, Ruby Loren, and Saul Tanpepper

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Thief of Sparks (Starside Saga #1) by Eric Ken Edstrom

In the city of Starside, a 16-year-old thief named Kila Sigh awakens to the mercusine, a magic power she does not understand and cannot control. But it helps her steal. And steal she must, for her brother is ill and requires expensive medicine.

When Kila unwittingly swipes a cat–an animal illegal in Starside–a new world of power and mystery emerges. For once bonded to a human, the animal can speak into their mind. Her mercus skills attracts the notice of a sinister mind in the city, a being hungry to control–and consume–Kila’s growing power.

Fans of fantasy will fall in love with this world of thieves, telepathic cats, and adventure.

Mystery Romance

Exclusive Blooming by Ruby Loren

What do you do when the future isn’t a bed of roses?

Lydia has spent three years of her life working on what now seems to be a worthless degree. Every job she applies for needs years of work experience and she has precisely none. The only spark of hope comes when her boyfriend, Jake, manages to land her a role as a gardening volunteer at Heathley Park and Gardens, but when she meets the head gardener, Scott, her hopes are crushed.

Far from being the opportunity of her dreams, Heathley Park and Gardens is one big nightmare! Will she ever be able to prove to both Scott and herself that she should be taken seriously as a gardener?

It doesn’t help that someone has a vendetta against the Heathley gardeners. A vandal is running rampant through the park and gardens and unless they uncover the culprit, Heathley could be just one scuttled boat away from a lawsuit!

Lydia is about to discover that love, life, and landscape gardening, is far from being a bed of roses.

Science Fiction

Exclusive Leviathan by Saul Tanpepper

Earth is dying.

On a barren, windless shore of a dead sea, two people, a father and his child, eke out a meager existence. They eat what little they can find. They are tormented by memories and tales of what the world once was.

Then, on a day no different than the thousands of others they have lived, the child hears the ghostly call of a sea creature presumed extinct for decades. Was it real? Or was it the last gasp of planet nearing death?

Leviathan is a short, dark, and haunting post-apocalyptic story (~6500 words) written in stream-of-consciousness. Fans of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, which inspired this story, will recognize similarities.

Appropriate for readers of all ages.

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