Author Spotlight: Jennifer Stevenson and Kim Faulks


Jennifer Stevenson

Exclusive Coed Demon Sluts: Beth by Jennifer Stevenson

Favorite genre to write:


Favorite genre to read:

Comedy again!

My readers would be surprised to know…

I live a very boring writer’s life…work, yoga, swim, eat, sleep, rinse, repeat! In my recent past, I rode hunter-jumper horses, skated roller derby and speed skating, and swam every single day. But right now I’m soooo boring…

You should pick up Coed Demon Sluts: Beth because…

The first episode in my Coed Demon Sluts: Beth is like nothing you’ve read before. These are women’s fiction stories about ordinary women with ordinary lives who try to solve their problems by agreeing to become succubi for the Second Circle of Hell. Of course, this doesn’t solve anything. But hilarity ensues.

The first novel in this series is free. BETH, a fifty-year-old housewife who is divorced out of the blue by her husband, finds herself homeless and jobless, no skills, no cash. She wants to use her hot new succubus body and demon powers to make her husband explain why he dumped her. Before she can get answers, she needs her demon team’s help to find out who she is, who she has always been, and who she wants to be.

It’s Raining Men in one word: Subversive

The best part about being an author is…

I have fun by writing many kinds of funny stories which get me through my day.


Kim Faulks

“Taurus: Zodiac Dragon Guardians” by Kim Faulks

Favorite genre to write:

My favorite genre to write is dark paranormal romance. I fell in love with this after reading the big guns like Laurel K Hamilton and JR Ward. My first passion was dark fantasy, so the change to the darker side of romance was a very enjoyable one.I love to write the more intense, powerful and incorporate that into a life or death struggle…and so far (fingers crossed) my readers are enjoying it too.

Favorite genre to read:

My favorite genre to read is thrillers, but the darker, twisted thrillers like some of Stephen King’s work, particularly Bag of Bones is a favorite of mine. I also love to read dark paranormal romance and I’ll go on binges where I’ll only read a certain type of author, but eventually I move on. At the moment I’m re-reading Anne Bishop. I love her style in the Blood Jewel Series, so it looks like I’m set for a while.

My readers would be surprised to know that I…

My readers would be surprised to know that I am an Aussie. I live in Queensland which is pretty hot at the moment. I have kids, one has just moved out of home and I’m really a pretty quiet type of person. I sit at home and write, that’s what makes me happy, and I’m married to my best friend. He supports me no matter what, and brings me roses that he cuts from the garden most days, so I’m pretty damn lucky.

You should pick up Taurus if you…

LOVE Dragon shifters, if you LOVE an intense, dark, action-packed and hot romance read, and LOVE the fact that there are at least ELEVEN more books after this one!!!! Yep, you read that right. Three more are ready for you right now, and I’m working hard to bring youth rest of these kick-ass characters and mind-blowing reads.

Taurus in one word: WOW!

The best part about being an author is…

I have the ability to really be free in this world and create characters that connect with readers, and stories that pull you in and never let go.