See It First: RJ Scott, Piper Sullivan, and Nicole Zoltack

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M/M Romance

The Fireman & The Cop by RJ Scott

The Fireman & The Cop by RJ Scott

Rescuing a cop from a burning precinct is in Max’s job description; falling in love was never part of the deal.

Max Harrison moved from the city to take up a role as assistant to the mayor, while also a volunteer firefighter. When he meets Finn Ryan in Ellery, he falls in lust that burns as hot as the fires an arsonist is setting in town.

Finn Ryan is a cop, and somehow he’s attracted trouble. Going back into a fire to rescue the town drunk is just the start. Now he has to rely on the man he’s falling for to make sure it doesn’t end with him dying.

Contemporary Romance

Bryce by Piper Sullivan

Bryce by Piper Sullivan

I’m Bryce Harrison, Australian billionaire, with a bit of a reputation as a playboy. Buxom women have always been my weakness. But one of them has just left me a little time bomb… Suddenly, I’m an instant daddy.

A little boy, with golden ringlets, has just lost his mother and the only home he has ever known. I have to take on a major project on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia. It means relocating from my hometown of Melbourne. And now I have a two-year-old that I must take care of.

What am I going to do? Lucky for me, Cara has come to the rescue. Twenty-two years old, a medical student from California.. Cara needs a break. And I need a nanny. It’s a win-win situation. What I didn’t count on is how overwhelmingly sexy she is.

Paranormal Romance

Guns and Fangs by Nicole Zoltack

Guns and Fangs by Nicole Zoltack

She won’t rest until they’re all dead… but then she meets him, and everything changes.

Vanessa Lockhart is a vampire hunter, like her father before her, ever since those foul beasts murdered her mother. When she stumbles upon Anton, a vampire who doesn’t kill humans, she doesn’t relent. Even though he doesn’t fight hard, Vanessa is injured, and then heals her, leaving Vanessa baffled.

A vampire clan hunts Vanessa, intent on killing her for slaying their leader several days ago. Anton manages to save her…but only by turning her into a monster like himself.

In retaliation, the clan kidnaps Emma, a young friend of Vanessa’s. She’ll need to accept her new second life, and Anton’s help, if she’s to save Emma…and maybe she’ll also find a way to forgive Anton for making her a vampire.

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