3 Companies That Want to Help Up-and-Coming Authors Succeed

It can be easy for up-and-coming authors to feel as though there isn’t a single company out there rooting for their individual success. After all, what company is going to think about making life easier for you when they could be using that time to make a profit? And if there are author-first companies out there, how on earth are you going to find them amidst the giant mass of independent publishers and start-ups with “book” or “write” in their names?

Don’t worry, we hear you. And we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of this process by profiling three companies who really do want to see authors get ahead. Read on for their missions and information on how they can start supporting you today!

ePublishing Works!

An independent book publisher who stands by the claim that authors deserve the majority of royalties from book sales, ePublishing Works! is also of the opinion that book promotion is primarily the publisher’s job. With ePublishing Works! comes eBook Discovery, a free and bargain ebook deals newsletter.

“From day one, ePublishing Works has been dedicated to their authors’ success by selling ebooks while paying out the lion’s share of the royalties to each author. We know how to build up a book with real reader reviews. We know how to create and execute effective promotion campaigns. And we do it all while our authors do what they love… writing their next great book.” – Nina Paules, CEO of EPW

If you have at least three completed works in the same genre or subgenre, ePublishing Works! may be a fit for you. They are seeking both backlist and frontlist titles in the thriller, mystery, and romance genres. In addition to the eBook Discovery newsletter features, which start at $10 a submission, eBookDiscovery has a Read & Review Club in which readers are given a free copy of your book in exchange for an honest review. Getting on the list costs $35, but you are paying for access to readers who write reviews, not the reviews themselves. eBook Discovery will also promote one of your book posts for free on their Facebook page if you share one of their book posts with your readers and send them a private message to let them know.


Booktrope’s publishing service is unique in that they combine the expertise of a traditional publisher with the creative control of a self-published author through their system of “Team Publishing.” A book’s team consists of authors, editors, marketers, and designers, all of whom are paid an agreed-upon share of the royalties from the book. Booktrope takes 30% of the profits, while the team splits the remaining 70%, so authors don’t need to pay out of pocket for the team’s services and every member of the team benefits from the book’s success.

“Booktrope is unique in the way it helps authors succeed. Unlike most publishers that prepare books for publication, then send them into the world with some marketing, Booktrope uses a team model.” – Mary Rowen, Booktrope author

Now, it’s true that not every author is accepted into Booktrope’s system (the application process requires information about both you and your book, and begins here), but Booktrope is looking for authors that will work well with their particular platform, not weeding out works based on perceived literary quality. Accepted authors will discover the benefits of Team Publishing for themselves, along with the comprehensive support that Booktrope provides to make the process run smoothly.

Written Word Media

Written Word Media’s mission is to provide authors and publishers with an affordable—and guaranteed effective—marketing product while helping readers find their next great read. They enable authors to reach a wider audience of over 600,000 readers through the use of their four websites: Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, Red Feather Romance, and NewInBooks. Most notably, Freebooksy and Bargain Booksy do not have any minimum requirements for number of reviews or overall review score, since the focus is on helping authors to get that fabled first review.

“We are big believers and supporters of indie authors; we love that our products and services are helping authors fulfill their dream of getting their books into the world and into the hands of readers.” – Ricci Wolman, CEO of Written Word Media

In order to get their books in front of that audience, authors can purchase a feature on one of the sites for as little as $25. If your book is free, a feature on Freebooksy is the best option, since Freebooksy sends a daily newsletter to over 200,00 readers. A book that is priced between $0.99 and $3.99 belongs on Bargain Booksy, a deal newsletter that goes out to 150,000 readers every day. Erotica or steamy romance writers should buy a Red Feather Romance feature, since Red Feather Romance sends out two emails a week to a curated group of readers who love erotic romance. The NewInBooks recommendation list focuses specifically on new book releases to help with that initial book launch.

Know of any other companies that specialize in author success? Tell us about them in the comments!