See It First: Constance Barker, Erik Carter, and Maya Lynch

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Contemporary Mystery

The Mystery of the Ominous Opera House by Constance Barker

The Mystery of the Ominous Opera House by Constance Barker

A Haunted Opera House, Unrequited Love, and Mysterious Secrets

Eden, Luke and the Paranormal Services gang investigate the strange occurrences in an old opera house. Sinister activities, like falling stage lights and moving furniture, are becoming dangerous for the actors and crew. And the new owner of the opera house may have a secret or two that pertains to the haunting.

Find out what happens as Eden brings the dead and living together.

Mystery Thriller

The Clements Kettle by Erik Carter

The Clements Kettle by Erik Carter

A mysterious artifact. A kidnapping. Murders. And a cowboy detective. 

Barnaby Wilcox is one low-down, rotten scoundrel — the perfect credentials for the Wild West’s best private eye.
His current case: tracking down a kettle. That’s right, a kettle. Times are tough. He’ll take what he can get. Besides, the kettle in question is a ransom item. Kidnapping cases are always fun.

Rumor has it the kettle is cursed. Everyone who touches it ends up in a pine box. But the kettle puts a different kind of curse on ol’ Barnaby. It was once owned by slaves, and Barnaby has been doing his best for the last twenty years to drink away grim memories of the black soldiers who died needlessly under his command during the Civil War.

But he can’t delay forever. He has to put away the bottles and the memories if he’s going to find the kettle. The kidnappers are getting impatient. And more people are turning up dead.

Action, Adventure 

Advanced Copy The Samoan Pyramid by Maya Lynch

The Samoan Pyramid by Maya Lynch

Since the 1800s rumours have circulated about an ancient pyramid, built on an immense scale, hidden deep in the jungles of Samoa. Evidence perhaps of a great forgotten Pacific Empire. And yet there is no mention of the pyramid in the entire pantheon of Samoan myth. Samoan society is steeped in tradition but the local legends are silent on the subject of the pyramid.

When one woman digging into the archives discovers an outlier in the dataset of Pacific history, it is the catalyst for an adventure that takes us on a treasure hunt deep into the jungles of Samoa.

The Samoan Pyramid interweaves the spellbinding stories behind archaeology’s centuries-long quest to find the forgotten pyramid with the author’s own journey into the dark and deadly jungles of Samoa as she unravels one of the greatest archaeological mysteries of the Pacific.

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