See It First: Hayley Lawson, Jose G. Lopez, and Photis D. Mata

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Writing Prompts: What Scares You At Night? by Hayley Lawson


Exclusive Instagram Marketing That Sells: The Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know by Jose G Lopez

Are you making a lot of money using Instagram?

If not, the Instagram Marketing That Sells series is for you.

This first book is meant to inform you on what is going on behind closed doors. Brands, companies, and Instagram do not want you to read this book; I’m sure will try to take it down. Once we know what Instagram and the top brands are preparing for, we can go on with the next books in the series: How To Go Viral, and How To Turn Your Instagram Followers Into Business Dollars.

Will you join in on the secrets before it’s too late?


7 Steps to Minimalism by Photis D Mata

Debt, obesity, loneliness, lack of time… why? We live our lives with hope. Hope to improve every aspect and to escape from problems. Hope to live happy with the people we love. We work hard to get the best out of life. Sometimes we get so much into our struggle and we cannot see the simple solutions. Took me years to find solutions to everyday simple problems Minimalism and life-hacking combined, gives us the mindset with tips and tricks to improve our health, our income, and our relations. Combined, these tips and tricks, become part of a larger system we call a minimal lifestyle. Minimal Lifestyle made of simple and easy tips can play the role of a domino effect that will start to move your life in the direction you want. The book is a simple guide with actionable steps that gets right into the heart of minimal lifestyle. As a minimalist and a life hacker, after reading hundred of books on the topic and living a minimal lifestyle for years, I have put together knowledge and personal perspectives to give you as much as I can so you can get the same benefits of minimalism. What are some of the benefits of minimalism?

Freedom (things you own end up owning you)

Time (don’t have to waste your time with stuff)

Focus (every little thing is trying to gain your attention)

Calmness (the less stuff you own the less you have to worry)

Confidence (as a minimalist, you don’t need your stuff to prove your value)

Money (the less stuff you own the less you pay)

Pleasure (when material possessions get out of the way, important things come up)

Health (it’s not about the quantity but the quality of food and life that matters)

Love (we must make room in our life for love, not materialism)

Connections (don’t have to be online to connect with people)

Debt free (you start to get out of debt when you don’t have to spend much)

Start your Minimal Lifestyle Today Download this book, follow the simple yet powerful mindset and start building your minimal lifestyle!