See It First: Casey Lane, Shantnu Tiwari, and Ryan Drake

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Fairy Tale

Snow White’s Revenge by Casey Lane

snow white's revenge casey lane

She’s a prisoner. He wants an adventure. Together, they’ll change a kingdom forever. If you like no-nonsense heroines, quirky princes, and twists on the classics, then you’ll love Casey Lane’s retelling of Snow White.


I hate Zombies by Shantnu Tiwari

I hate zombies shantnu tiwari

Blue remembers the first time he saw a dead person rise from the grave. He was at a party, trying to get some hot food and some hot girls, when Kenny’s dead grandmother turned up. Uninvited.

Soon, half his friends were dead. To make it worse, the government covered the whole thing up.

Now, with no one (alive) believing them, it’s up to Blue and his friends to stop a Secret Government Agency(TM) from using his tiny little town as a zombie experiment lab.


Gordon of Riss and the Malformed Sprite by Ryan Drake

gordon of riss and the malformed sprite ryan drake

Evil Sorcerers. Incompetent Assassins. Drunken Pixies. And lots and lots of Orcs.

And they all want Gordan dead.

Gordan of Riss is a thief and a rogue who has a knack for getting into trouble, but this time takes the cake. And it’s not even his fault!

Well, not really. I mean, he only wants to learn how he came to have a tail, pointy teeth, and a few other characteristics that are just plain odd.

How was he to know that this simple quest would set him up against pretty much everyone?

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