See It First: Uvi Poznansky, John Hindmarsh, and P.A. Wilson

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Twisted by Uvi Poznansky

In this unique collection, discover diverse tales, laden with shades of mystery. Come into a dark, strange world, a hyper-reality where nearly everything is firmly rooted in the familiar-except for some quirky detail that twists the yarn, and takes it for a spin in an unexpected direction. So prepare yourself: keep the lights on.

Inspired by the author’s art and by literature, these tales come from different times and places, with characters that search for their identity and challenge their hellish fate. Yet all of them share one thing in common: an unusual mind, one that is twisted.

Science Fiction

Exclusive Broken Glass by John Hindmarsh

Broken Glass – Steg de Coeur, his family murdered to further an armed takeover of Homeworld by the House of Aluta, flees to space just ahead of corporate mercenaries and warrants issued for his arrest for treason against the Empire. Adventures follow as Steg’s ability to link with computers develops, in emulation of the Acolytes who attend the mysterious Glass Complex of Homeworld. He purchases a commission in the Imperial Navy where he aids in the capture of an alien space ship preying on Imperial shipping lanes. He is court-martialed on false charges and marooned on Hellfire, a desert planet controlled by the House of Aluta. Steg takes over the computer-based mining equipment and creates havoc, eventually escaping with Milnaret of Fain, a pleasure companion.

Duels, deaths, enlistment in Imperial Special Forces, and exploration of ancient portals drives the tension.

Space Opera at its best!


Imperative by P.A. Wilson

Sacrifice. Loyalty. Faith.
Quinn Larson is a wizard. One night he witnesses a human’s death at the hands of a fae. Someone has to make the murders stop, or the magical folk will be exposed to the humans. That someone is Quinn.
To save the magical folk, Quinn will need to sacrifice something that breaks him. The loyalty of his allies, and his faith that they can overcome the powerful fae is all that brings him back.

If you liked Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, and you have a thing for Celtic fae mythology, you’ll love this first book in the Quinn Larson Quests.

Get Imperative today and walk with Quinn on his quest to keep two worlds apart.

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