See It First Author Spotlight: J.L. Hendricks and Anne R. Tan

There are so many amazing and talented authors at instaFreebie. We’re really excited to introduce them to you. InstaFreebie’s Author Spotlight gives readers the chance to meet some new authors and see it first before anyone else! Let’s welcome J.L. Hendricks and Anne R. Tan!

J.L. Hendricks

jl hendricks author

Any pen names?

Favorite genre to write?
Right now, Sci-fi Adventure Romance, but I love PNR as well! I have a new UF/PNR series I am slowly working on as well.

Favorite genre to read?
I have to say Sci-fi Adventure Romance for the moment! I can’t seem to get enough of it! I don’t get much time to read right now, but when I do it’s my new genre!

My readers would be surprised to know that I…
came up with the idea for Worlds Away and Worlds Collide in a fantasy. I had just read my first Sci-fi romance book and I fantasized about what it would be like to be abducted by aliens. Then my rational side came out and I decided I would have to fight back. Then there was the whole issue of slavery, cuz why else would aliens abduct 200 humans? So, while fantasizing about a gorgeous alien abductor, I came up with the premise for this series.


Exclusive: Worlds Collide by J.L. Hendricks


You should pick up Worlds Collide because…
it will make you laugh and think all at the same time. I deal with serious issues such as homelessness and slavery, but not in a light way. My heroine was homeless when she was abducted. Her choice was to become a slave or a mate to an alien commander. But along the way she also has some interesting adventures that readers are enjoying. She isn’t afraid to say what is on her mind or to get dirty. Although, she does gross out when she has to kill an insectoid alien who attacked her. I would too.

Describe Worlds Collide in one word: 

The best part about being an author is…
I get to set my own hours, work in yoga pants, and no make-up!

Anne R. Tan

anne r tan author

Any pen names?
No pen names and plans for one.

Favorite genre to write?
I write the Raina Sun Mystery series. It’s a humorous cozy mystery with diverse characters. Next year I would like to work in another genre. My readers want me to write a paranormal cozy mystery, but I have this idea for a Chinese fairytale retelling that fits with the urban fantasy story structure more. So think Desden Files meets Amy Tan and a monkey. It would be lighter than most urban fantasy because I like humor in my stories and will appeal to some of my existing readers.

Favorite genre to read?
Cozy mystery and urban fantasy

My readers would be surprised to know that…
don’t consider myself a creative person. I’m an engineer in my day job, so I’m analytical even when I plot out my story. I love story structure because it’s like math. Shhhh! I can’t tell you the details because then it would make my stories predictable.

Exclusive: It’s Raining Men and Corpses by Anne R. Tan


You should pick up It’s Raining Men and Corpses because…
it’s a cozy mystery series that centers on the secrets that either hold or break a large Chinese family. Each book is a complete mystery, and readers love the grandmother and granddaughter relationship between the main sleuth and her sidekick.

Describe It’s Raining Men and Corpses in one word:

The best part about being an author is…interacting with my fans. A reader emailed to say he named his new pet after my main character. How cool is that?