Author Spotlight: Jordan Castillo Price and Mina Carter

Jordan Castillo Price

Exclusive Among the Living by Jordan Castillo Price

Favorite genre to write: LGBT Sci-Fi/Fantasy (modern day with a twist)
Favorite genre to read: Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Magical Realism
My readers would be surprised to know that I…briefly worked as a secret shopper. You know that thing you’re always getting spam about? It was a real job, back before the internet. Not much fun, though. One assignment was to go to a chain drug store, buy a small item and try to pay for it at the pharmacy, see if they gave me a hard time about paying there and write up a report. Lots and lots of driving, parking and report writing. Researching fiction is way more exciting. I’ve shot a gun, flown a plane, crashed a meditation retreat, and interviewed a taxidermist to research my novels.
You should pick up Among the Living because… it’s got something all kinds of readers can enjoy: psychic powers, freaky ghosts, and monsters, love, and sex, police work. But most of all it’s the awkward yet tenacious psychic detective Victor Bayne who sticks with you.
Describe Among the Living in one word: Arresting
The best part about being an author is… knowing that the stuff that lives in my head now inhabits readers’ heads too!

Mina King

Exclusive In Debt to the King by Mina Carter

Any (not-so-secret) pen names: Unfortunately not, although I always think I should go for something outrageous and stripper-esque like Kitty Valentine or something…
Favorite genre to write: paranormal and sci-fi romance. I can’t decide between the two!
Favorite genre to read: Currently, urban fantasy, although I go through phases so it’s likely to change soon!
My readers would be surprised to know that I… am probably the least romantic person out there and loathe and detest Valentines Day!
You should pick up In Debt to the King because… sexy werelion and a hot encounter in an office? #needisaymore
Describe In Debt to the King in one word: RAUNCHY!
The best part about being an author is… I get to do what I love, with unlimited access to the internet and coffee!