See It First: Vince Milam, Keith Dixon, and Ashley Capes

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Exclusive Pretty Little Creatures by Vince Milam

pretty little creatures vince milam

A devastating conspiracy. Millions of lives at stake. Only a remarkable team of people can stop it.
This is the second novel in Vince Milam’s action-packed supernatural thriller series. If you like wall to wall suspense, non-stop action, and the inspirational story of good people standing against evil, then you’ll love the second installment in this roller-coaster ride series.

He’s faced living evil in the past. But Cole Garza, sheriff of a small Gulf Coast town, cannot accept he’s been chosen to fight.

When the French priest Francois Domaine re-enters his life asking for help in the fetid jungles of Ebola-infected West Africa against a dark force involved in the blood diamond trade, Garza hesitates, unsure.

Enter Nadine May, an information genius under contract with clandestine services. Socially awkward but in a relationship with Sheriff Garza, she’s been part of the unlikely team since its inception. Nadine doesn’t hesitate to answer Francois’s call, and drags a reluctant Cole to West Africa.

They are joined by a stunning CIA professional killer with a clear and final solution to any problem. Together they struggle against the leaders of the illicit diamond trade and the foul entity providing the child slave labor.

Have they won? The doggedness of the technology genius and the assuredness of the French priest uncover deeper plans—a game of misdirection and intrigue masterminded by a powerful source nested in the evil enclaves of ISIS.

The stakes rapidly rise as the trail leads them into the wild heartland of a Mexican drug cartel—a launching point to unleash a hellish scenario into the U.S. The final conflict looms as forces for good and evil muster for battle, joined by Seals, Texas Rangers, and the CIA. Can three ordinary people prevent this terrorist attack? They need to, because failure will forevermore alter the life of every American.


Altered Life by Keith Dixon

altered life keith dixon

“I wish I could say that the first time I met Rory Brand I knew he was a dead man walking. But I can’t… ” Private Investigator Sam Dyke is called in by Rory Brand to find out what’s happening to his business. He knows that someone is trying to steal it from him. He thinks it’s someone close to him. Very close. Sam won’t get involved because no crime has been committed. But that changes when Brand is found dead in his office, with a taunting clue left on his computer screen. Now Sam is determined to find out who killed Brand, and makes a discovery that takes him back twenty years into his own past. And into a secret that had been kept from him by the prime suspect for Brand’s murder … In the first of a series of books featuring Sam Dyke, Altered Life transplants the attitude and pace of the American private eye story into a contemporary English setting.


A Whisper of Leaves by Ashley Capes

a whisper of leaves ashley capes

When ESL teacher Riko finds an old journal buried in the forests beneath Mt Fuji, a malevolent, untraceable force begins to threaten her at every turn.

But is it all in her head?

The more she studies the journal for answers, the more questions she uncovers. Worse, no-one takes her fears seriously and her best lead appears to be a belligerent old man, whose only care in the world is raking leaves deep in the forest.

With her grip on reality shaken and friendships strained to breaking point, Riko has to discover the truth about the journal in order to put ghosts of the past to rest, as strange events turn deadly.

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