See It First: Casey Herzog, David J Normoyle, and Melinda R Cordell

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Science Fiction Romance

Exclusive Tower of Ayia (The Unamaker Series) by Casey Herzog

A world in ruins. A race in turmoil. Every man for himself.

Callum Thorpe is a soldier; a son of war who wishes for peace. Despite the world sitting on the brink, he has managed to create a community of learning; one that can educate children and show them the ways of the world before they become corrupted by it. Within the group, a young boy by the name of Dante Castello – a lad with an otherworldly gift – is his best pupil, one which has the potential to change the world once he can be taught how…But life is never so simple.


Exclusive The Cruel Path by David J Normoyle

In a land where noble boys must battle each other in a pitiless survival contest, love and loyalty are virtually non-existent. Despite this, three young brothers develop and unbreakable bond.

By working together, the brothers overcome one obstacle after another. Ultimately though, even if they win, the three know that one of them must die. But which? Having to make that terrible decision proves crueler than anything else the contest can throw at them.

A dystopian fantasy set in the world of The Narrowing Path trilogy, The Cruel Path explores how the human spirit shines brightest when the world is at its bleakest.


Preview Those Black Wings by Melinda R Cordell

Kay Bachmann leaps into her freshman year of college, eager to start fresh and be the girl she’s always wanted to be. She meets Carter, who falls for her like a skydiver with a busted parachute. He sweeps her away in a whirlwind romance, and before Kay can think straight, they’re going on dates.

Then she meets her old friend Wyatt again – who she’s loved desperately for so long. Kay tries to break free of Carter, but he raises the emotional ante and attempts suicide in front of her. That act pulls her right back to his side.

Kay knows she cannot stay with Carter. She knows that his next attempt may be fatal. But she wants, above all, to live her life on her own terms – not on somebody else’s.

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