See It First: Ingrid Seymour, Anna Bloom, and David Estes

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Science Fiction

Exclusive Tame The Night by Ingrid Seymour

tame the night by ingrid seymour

Eighteen-year-old James never failed in protecting his sister, Farrah. Admittedly, that was before there were creatures infecting humans and turning them into monsters.

Eager to leave home, James hides what little money he earns. It’s not much but, soon, he and Farrah will be able to get away from their deadbeat parents. At least that’s the plan until his dad steals the money to buy booze, and James finds himself out on the street after a violent fight.

Faced with homelessness, all bets are off. Things James always considered stupid are, suddenly, worth the risk-even the easy-cash offer from that sleazeball who used to be poorer than dirt and now drives a brand new Camaro. The prospect is tempting, at least until, James wakes up with a punctured spine and a strange presence in his mind that tries to supplant his every thought.

Now, the monsters have their sight on Farrah. Will James be able to save her?

Coming of Age

Lost by Anna Bloom

lost anna bloom

Rebecca Walters is lost.

Hanging with the wrong crowd and taking her steps of rebellion too far, Rebecca is on a self destruct mission that’s sure to implode. But with her best friend at her side she still has the chance to redeem herself and find her way back to safety from the dark places she choses to live in.

Joshua Adams is complete.

In love and happy with his place in the world, Joshua is ready to take the next step and make his lifestyle a permanent fixture with the woman he loves at his side.

Until one cold February night changes the lives of Rebecca and Joshua forever leading them to meet on a beach six months later.

Before Gone was the night they got Lost.


Exclusive The Moon Dwellers by David Estes

the moon dwellers david estes

Sentenced to life in prison, Adele must find a way to escape and uncover the truth behind her painful connection with the prince of the Tri-Realms, and her parents’ role in the ongoing rebellion.

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