See It First: C. J. Anaya, Pauline Creeden, Trish Faber and John Coventry

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Writer’s Block by C. J. Anaya

Do you want to learn how to stop worrying and start writing that #1 bestselling book? Do you have an amazing idea for a novel, but you can’t seem to push through your own mental blocks and put pen to paper?

Authors everywhere may struggle with the much dreaded and sometimes misunderstood malady that plagues even the most seasoned writers from time to time. Yes. I’m talking about writer’s block.

*Insert horrified gasp here*

Whether you’re a beginning writer or an author who already knows exactly how to write a book and has several books under his/her belt, getting stuck in your story can occur at the most inconvenient moments. (Let’s be honest. When is writer’s block ever convenient?) The writing exercises, tips, and tricks an author uses to push through such mental blocks determines how fast they recover and continue on toward literary greatness…or at the very least, one entertaining story.

Those tips and tricks are exactly what this short read provides. In this book you’ll learn:

    • The different types of writer’s block and what may be stopping you from writing.
    • The possible excuses, distractions, and unimportant tasks that are eating up your time.
    • The top 10 best methods for overcoming writer’s block.
  • Different ways to become inspired and more productive.

Employ one or all of these writing prompts and exercises to catapult your sluggish writing into a story that flows from sentence, to paragraph, to page, to…well, you get the idea. Learn how to stop worrying and start writing again with this informative and insightful book.

Religion & Spirituality

Freedom From Fear by Pauline Creeden

Fear is a cage. It closes us in and keeps us from living in freedom.

Some people get so overcome by fear that they cannot even leave their house. Phobias have become almost fashionable. We label our fears and hug them tightly to us as if they are things we need. We coddle them and keep them happy so they don’t destroy us, and the last thing we want to do is provoke them. That powerlessness is what keeps us from accomplishing great things in our lives, whether personally or for God’s kingdom.

In Freedom from Fear, we explore the keys to our freedom through faith and obedience to God’s word. With this book, you’ll learn to put your trust in God’s character and turn to him when you feel out of control.

True Story

I Was, I Am, I Will Be by Trish Faber and John Coventry

Written by John Coventry and Trish Faber. There’s nothing more intriguing than a true-life thriller, where the protagonist maneuvers through a world of high-stake drugs, espionage, and terror. Along the way, he unwisely falls in love with a woman whose commitment to her cause is greater than the love she shares with him. “I Was, I Am, I Will Be” chronicles the life of a young British man, born into wealth, prestige and a family name dating back to the 1600’s. But this storied background isn’t enough to save John Hugo Coventry from the lure of easy money when the opportunity arises. How does he get in this mess? And how the hell is he going to get out of it?