See It First: Margi Prideaux, Victoria Pinder, Shannon Kuzmich

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Birdsong After The Storm by Margi Prideaux

As we face the storm of climate change and political upheaval, we are designing a desolate future where the world is monetized and wildness is gone. A tiger’s footprints will not be seen in snowdrifts. The deep, pungent smell of elephant musth will not be carried on the wind. Humans may survive, but the world will be brittle and harsh. Margi Prideaux draws on her decades of experience as a wildlife activist, international negotiator and academic to explain what has brought society to the point where we are choosing between the market, people, and wildlife. She describes how we can amplify voices from Africa, Asia, and Latin America and, tapping their wisdom, explains how we can design a different future. The tragic future doesn’t need to happen -we can choose to hear birdsong after the storm.

Author Advice

Exclusive Transform Cold Clicks into Raving Readers by Victoria Pinder

MindMap Your Marketing Plan to find your goals, your readers, the benefits you offer and marketing options that work.
Build Your Newsletter with readers who love your work using lead sources and giveaways you’ll offer. If you only have one book or no book yet, we’ll discuss alternatives to a free novel. Then once you have subscribers, let’s discuss how to automate your communication to transform clicks to reviewing readers.  Then finally, Blogging is necessary and can fit in your life. We will dig deeper into content than just ‘set up a blog’ information with our eyes on remaining visible so when readers find you, they discover your world of novels.

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Awakening: The Chronicles of Formation by Shannon Kuzmich

What happens when you wake up and wonder if you’re on the right path?…and it’s a path you’ve been paying on purpose?

Awakening, the first volume in The Chronicles of Formation series, captures the challenges of a perfectionistic, image conscious, and driven career woman who carries the haunting pain of a crushingly painful father relationship, and the daily awareness of God’s extraordinary love for her through her special needs daughter.

Are you willing to wake up to reality? One driven woman did just that. Read “Awakening” and take a journey that will make you laugh, think, and pray.