See It First: Diane Michaels, Derek Murphy, and Cindy Kennedy

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From Here Comes The Bride to There Goes The Grooms by Diane Michaels

When you imagine your wedding ceremony, does it have a soundtrack? If not, From Here Comes the Bride to There Go the Grooms offers you a stress-free path to filling the silence with music. In this guide, professional musicians (one is a harpist who has played more than 1000 weddings, and the other two are fictional characters from the novel Ellen the Harpist) answer 10 commonly asked questions about planning your ceremony music including:
• Where can we find musicians for our ceremony?
• What instruments and music should we choose?
• When should we use music during our service?
• How much will it cost to hire musicians?
This fun, informative guide will transform you into a ceremony music planning pro whether you are following tradition or creating a modern event to celebrate your love.


Guerrilla Publishing by Derek Murphy

Book marketing doesn’t need to be an exhausting hamster wheel of promotion and publicity.
Put your book sales on autopilot…so you can focus on writing your next bestseller.

This book is a crash course on some of the more creative book marketing strategies I’ve discovered in my first year of publishing fiction. It will provide simple, actionable, measurable steps to publishing a high-quality book quickly, doing only as much marketing as is necessary to launch your book like a rockstar and keep it selling enough to support you while you write another. I only mention the things I actually use, that I know work, and ignore all the other things that don’t get results. We’ll discuss paid advertising, release strategies, pricing and pre-orders, book giveaways, how to target your audience, viral exposure and press coverage, marketing hacks, and how to reach your first $1000 on Kindle.

“Guerrilla” is a style of warfare intended to surprise and harass enemies. It can also mean using unconventional and usually inexpensive means for generating interest or raising concern among the public. That’s basically how I’ll use it: book marketing strategies from the trenches to help you win the publishing war. However, instead of “surprise and harass” I will focus on “surprise and delight.” First, you need to show up and get in front of the right people. Then you need to surprise and delight them. You need to be remarkable enough to be noticed. Few authors are using these strategies (yet) so it’s relatively easy to outrank your competition, get more visibility and reach new readers.


Exclusive Fuss Free Gluten Free Breakfast by Cindy Kennedy 

Cindy Kennedy is the owner of Nutrition Navigator, & author of the bestseller Help! My Child Has Hashimoto’s. As a qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and mother of two young children with Hashimoto’s, she is passionate about raising awareness as to the importance of diet in autoimmune disease.