See It First: Adam Maxwell, Badford Swift, Loui Lam

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Exclusive Lost the Plot? 500 Writing Prompts and How To Use Them by Adam Maxwell

Almost every writer has a pathological predisposition to procrastination and often believe there is a magical answer to the question ‘where do you get your writing ideas?’.

How Are These Creative Writing Prompts Better Than Any Others? Good question! This is a prompts book. But it’s a prompts book with a BIG difference. The prompts in this book aren’t the usual, run-of-the-mill, mind numbingly boring prompts you usually get. Oh, no. Not here. I’ve sat in workshops where the writing idea they would give you would be ‘The Sea’. The SEA?! Not on my watch. When I’m writing short stories (or anything else for that matter) I want something that is actually going to inspire me.

You’ll never be bothered by writer’s block again – with these writing ideas your mind will be an overflowing well of wonderful ideas and even better – you’ll know what to do with them.


Exclusive Profiles On Purpose: Service by Bradford Swift

We are all traveling upon a purposeful path that never ends and that began before we arrived on planet earth. Even when we are not aware of why we have come into this life, we are propelled by a purpose, some force that moves us through the situations and experiences of our lives. Visionary Author, W. Bradford Swift created a pet writing project in 1994 in an effort to bring more purpose and meaning to his writing career. He named it Project Purpose: To write and publish stories and profiles about people and institutions whose lives and missions are dedicated to a bold and inspired purpose or vision. As Swift interviewed dozens of people for Project Purpose, he began to notice some common elements in their lives. One was that each of them expressed their own life purpose in service to others. In doing so, they tapped their own wellspring of passion while remaining playfully unattached to where their own purposeful path took them. As their work took them out into the world to help others, they cultivated their own brand of lightness. Despite the obstacles they encountered or the horrors of abuse they saw everyday, they didn’t take themselves too seriously. Swift began to recognize this as their unique ability to live purposeful, passionate and playful lives of service. Profiles On Purpose: Service is the first in a series of books sharing these extraordinary stories that inspired Swift to co-found with his wife, Ann, Life On Purpose Institute in 1996. Reading these profiles will inspire you to live a more purposeful and meaningful life as well.


Habit Ever After by Loui Lam

Want to become healthier and better looking? Richer? And happier?

Habit Ever After is the Author Loui Lams suggestion on how one single habit can transform your life by becoming healthier, better looking, richer and happier, and it takes minimal willpower to do so!

Sounds too good to be true? Pick up the book and decide yourself.