See It First: Eugene Lloyd Macrae, Saul Tanpepper, and Ava Mallory

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Mask by Eugene Lloyd Macrae

mask eugene lloyd macrae

A serial killer is on the loose, killing at random, stabbing victims straight through the heart with an ancient weapon. Bodies are piling up through Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United States and into Canada. When an arrest is made because of a DNA sample left at a crime scene, despite the overwhelming evidence, Private Investigator Rory Mack Steele is hired by the accused’s family to find the truth. But the truth is poisoned by the distant past and a dark, hidden secret. A secret so painful it threatens to engulf thousands in agonizing and bloody death.


Golgotha by Saul Tanpepper

Golgotha saul tanpepper

Attempting to avert a human disaster of global proportions, a molecular geneticist self-administers an experimental antidote against a military virus that reanimates the dead. But in order to ensure it works, he must first infect himself and allow the infection to proceed to its inevitable, terrifying conclusion.


Misbehaving by Ava Mallory

misbehaving ava mallory

Missy Rae is a typical small town girl in every way – if you ask her absent-minded grandmother. Ask Missy and you’ll get another story altogether.

Lucky for everyone in Poppy County, no one has asked until a mystery man arrives in town with a story bigger than Granny Lola’s wild imagination and the know-how to stir up trouble for the Rae family.

With long-held secrets to keep, a grandmother who may or may not be alive and a penchant for chaos, Missy must forge a plan to stop the handsome stranger before he lets the proverbial cat out of the bag and unleashes a world of trouble on the unsuspecting town and its inhabitants.

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