Top 3 Billionaire Romance Giveaways on instaFreebie

At instaFreebie, we understand how hard our authors work to connect with their readers and build audiences through giveaways. So we’re celebrating their successes with lists of our most downloaded, on-going giveaways in our most popular genres. This week’s focus is on billionaire romance ebooks! Check out our top 3 below, and use the links to download them now!

3. Falling Hard (Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzie #1) by Blair Babylon


Lizzy has been drifting, trying to make a life for herself after failing at her life goal that was decided for her when she was five years old. She’s been having a good time in college and working at The Devilhouse, but something is missing in Lizzy’s life, a very obvious something. At a Devilhouse party, she meets Theo, a handsome, bright lawyer who wants to takes things slowly, too darn slowly, and Mannix, an ex-pro-football player with a taste for the disturbing. In this first episode, no one is quite who they seem to be. Romantic and suspenseful, Falling Hard sizzles with sex and explores the power of love to heal the deepest wounds.

2. Blind Date (Steamy BDSM Billionaire Romance Book 1) by Nikki Steele


“I exercise control in all things, Miss Carpenter.”

I recognized the line, from 50 Shades of Grey. “Oh…” That kind of contract.

“I’m what they call a Dominant.”

I cleared my throat. “I’ve read 50 Shades. I know what that means.”

When Tiffany’s best friend sends her on a blind date with a handsome Billionaire, she thinks all her dreams have come true. He’s her very own Christian Grey, complete with kinky dark side to boot.

But there’s a difference between fiction and real life; sometimes what you fantasize about isn’t what you want in reality. When his kinks become too much, will she be brave enough to walk away?

And then there’s the best friend. There’s something stirring there—but if she acts on it, it just might ruin everything.

Blind Date is book one in a short, smoking hot erotic romance trilogy. It contains light BDSM scenes which are for adults only.

What readers are saying:

“Not your typical Billionaire romance.”

“Holy hotness, this book is off the charts sexy!!”

“The ‘will they won’t they’ is hot.”

“I can’t wait to read the next book!”

  1. The Billionaire’s Secret Obsession- 3 Chapter Free Preview by J.M. Madden


It’s not like he can take out a personal ad—Lonely Billionaire Wants Loving Artist To Fix His Miserable Life

After completion of her contract to supply original art for the revamped Clarion headquarters in New York, young artist Sarah Tyler receives a summons to the stunning home of her enigmatic, and oh, so out of reach employer, Clayton Gallagher.

When Clayton offers her a new commission to paint a portrait of his young niece, Sarah senses that the fascination she’s had with the handsome Mr. Gallagher might not be just one sided. She’d thought he was avoiding her, all those missed meetings and opportunities to meet that never quite happened…

Clayton Gallagher knows that he shouldn’t spend any more time feeding his fascination with the charming, outgoing and delightfully beautiful artist – eighteen months of pining is enough! But he can’t resist her company any more than he can deny his desire for the kind of life and affection he sees portrayed in her art.

Emotionally isolated in a cold and unloving family, and trapped in a dreary world of duty and responsibility, what will happen to Clayton when Sarah begins to color his world with life, kindness, warmth … love?

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