See it First: Martha Woods, Sara Logan, and Maggie Dallen

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Paranormal Mystery Romance

Kiss of a Vampire by Martha Woods

A runaway psychic crosses paths with a loveless century-old vampire and an ancient witch prophecy that seeks to destroy them both.

Tessa was a runaway as a teenager—her parents put her in an institution when she told them she could read minds. At sixteen, unable to take it anymore, she runs away from home. Now twenty-five, she has lived out of her car and trailer for years, moving from state to state and making her living as a psychic, but when a century old vampire enters her tent and asks for his future to be told, Tessa’s nomadic world is turned upside down.

Kristian has never forgotten the woman who made him. He was forced to kill her to save his own life, but there forever remains a bond that he can never break. Being alone for most of the last century, he is immediately drawn to Tessa. Kristian is not sure what the attraction is, but he has hasn’t felt like this in long a time.

When a coven of powerful Witches, the Calders, who are seeking to abolish vampires from the face of the Earth appear, Kristian must now fight not only for his own survival but to protect psychic Tessa.


Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction

Time for you for Sara Logan

Being assistant curator at a historical railroad museum isn’t as glamorous as Amy Loch once thought it would be. There are stressful grade school tours, janitorial duties she has to help out with, and a broken clock that the museum can’t afford to fix.

Though the job does have its perks. Such as when she touches the heart of a sweet little boy, then catches the eye of his father.

Without even searching for romance, Amy finds herself forging a connection with someone she never expected. After a stroke of serendipity brings them together, Amy discovers a chance to mend a hole in a broken family, and, with the help of her new friends, restore a piece of history.

Historical Romance

One Night at Sea by Maggie Dallen

Penelope Berryl is not what she seems…

When the dashing Captain Hart mistakes Penelope for a proper debutante, how can she tell him that she’s actually a pirate? This is her one chance for a first kiss and a taste of romance. Besides, what’s the harm in a little white lie when she will never see him again?

But there’s more to the dashing captain than meets the eye, and when their ships cross paths, all of their secrets and desires come to light. Now it is a battle of wit and seduction to see who will win the ultimate treasure during their one night at sea.


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