See it First: Ariadne Wayne, Samantha Leal, and Zara Zenia

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Three Days  by Ariadne Wayne

When Andrew Carmichael’s wife died on their honeymoon, he lashed out in overwhelming grief and paid the price. Three years later, he’s out of prison and making plans to start over. Moving into the halfway house is a start, and the last thing he expects is to meet Maddy. She’s a whirlwind, breezing into his life and taking over before he knows it, but when he nearly loses her too, he realises he can’t move forward without her.

Fantasy/Historical Romance

Into The Highlander’s World by Samantha Leal

Dumped by her cheating boyfriend, and feeling more or less completely miserable, Gwen thinks things can’t get any worse when she is forced out of necessity to move into a crumbling basement apartment. She had given up everything for her now ex, and he’s thrown it all back in her face. Everything has just fallen apart for her. Feeling utterly dejected in every way she doesn’t realize that the strange object she finds hidden under the floorboards is about to catapult her onto the most amazing ride of her life.
How did this ancient sword get here, and why does it seem so familiar? She will soon discover it serves as a sort of gateway back to medieval Scotland, where she will soon be thrown into the arms of the dashing Andrew Urquhart, a man determined to win back his people’s land and lead his clan to the victory they have so long deserved.
What Gwen doesn’t know is that she is an important part of that plan, and when a passion builds between them will she be able to move on from the life she has always known and begin again where she was always meant to be …?

Scifi Romance

Bionic Outlaw’s Baby by Zara Zenia

I thought that I knew it all.
Until they turned me into a machine and wanted to use me as a weapon.
I found love. But as usual, it was time for me to run.
Until she found me and told me the impossible.
That she was carrying my baby.

He worked for my dad.
But then he got fired because I loved him. He’s the only one I’ve ever been with.
But then I found out I’m carrying his baby. He doesn’t even know yet. I need to find him.
My dad wants me to get an abortion. Who would marry a single mom? What am I going to do?

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