Freebie Fest by the Wolf Pack Authors


At instaFreebie, we understand how hard our authors work to connect with their readers and build audiences through giveaways. So we’re excited to share this wonderful giveaway put together by The Wolf Pack authors, who “love to make readers howl.”

We are proud to have this incredible group of authors use the instaFreebie platform to connect to their community of readers. Their collection of new, free reads is part of their exclusive Special Freebie Fest, offered through instaFreebie! They assembled 23 books from 23 different authors to be shared from March 16th to 18th only as a direct download. As a bonus, there are additional instaFreebie downloads available at the end of some of these books! These amazing authors worked together to create exclusive and quality content for your enjoyment.

Download your free copies from the Wolf Pack Authors before the giveaways end on March 18th at midnight!