See It First: Bradon Ellis, Tristan Vick, and Mark Dame

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Science Fiction

Veiled: Prequel to the Star Guild Saga by Brandon Ellis

In 1849, British archaeologist, Austin Henry Layard, uncovered over 20,000 clay tablets in the Ancient Sumerian city of Nineveh, in an area now known as Iraq. The tablets told of an ancient race that had come before humans, arriving on Earth long ago and bringing with them untold technologies, and a mass genetic breeding program that the tablets claimed to have brought forth the creation of humankind.

And then these Beings left, taking with them everything they had, except the human race.

The problem is, they took some of us. And, those whom were taken have not returned, and have all but forgotten about their past and that these Beings had ever existed.

These humans are now thriving someplace else…alone.

Or, so they thought.

They are about to be in for a rude awakening.


Exclusive Preview Valandra: The Winds of Time Cycle (Book 1) by Tristan Vick

The Twelve Kingdoms of Valandra are under threat!

Arianna De Amato witnessed her master’s death at the hands of the diabolical Ashram. Acquiring the mystical sword, The Moon Blade, she gains the unique ability to guide and control the wind. Seeking revenge, Arianna hunts down those responsible for her master’s death including who, or whatever, is responsible for resurrecting Ashram from the afterlife. But she can’t do it alone. Enlisting the aid of her apprentice, Lisette Durante, in addition to a debonair thief named Leif Ericson, and a Dark Elf named Alegra Lockwiel, she embarks upon a harrowing quest which will test the limits of their friendship. But even with the help of her new friends, it still may not be enough to defeat Ashram and his army of the dead.

Valandra is Tristan Vick’s first foray into the realm of monsters and magic in the vein of Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, and Brandon Sanderson!


Dark Ties by Mark Dame

*What if you found yourself inside the mind of a serial killer…*

Bestselling author Ken Simmons has released a new novel, and it’s the biggest commercial success of his career. Ken should be ecstatic, but something about his new book is bothering him. And it’s not just the nightmares.

Meanwhile, a thousand miles away, Sheriff Allen James is investigating a series of murders going back over ten years. Murders seemingly detailed by Ken’s book.

Questioning Ken, Allen uncovers the secret even Ken is unwilling to accept: Ken’s novel and his connection to the killer are more than just fantasy.

Ken knows better than anyone how dangerous this killer is and is reluctant to get involved. But as the dreams continue, he can’t quite commit himself to the sidelines, and soon finds himself being pulled deeper into the investigation.

When the killer discovers Ken and his new bestseller, Ken must decide whether to run…or face the monster he once thought only existed in his mind.

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