6 Simple Steps to Optimize Engagement on Twitter

There’s no way around it: Social media is a challenge. But social media can also be an amazing resource for engaging with readers, and reaching the right people can yield huge results.

So what is the best way to engage with readers? Over the course of a few weeks, we experimented with various Twitter engagement tools. Here’s what we learned.

1. Grow Your Twitter Community

It’s difficult to grow an audience from scratch. Social Quant is a tool that helps to seed the initial growth of your follower list with quality users. Simply select keywords in order to build your audience of followers around relevant interests.

2. Optimize Scheduling

Once you’ve started growing your list, find the optimal time to engage with your audience. Posting at the right time matters, and will increase your view and click rate.

  • Buffer: (FREE) Schedule tweets on multiple social media platforms at once. This helps save time and builds consistent branding and messaging.
  • Followerwonk: (FREE) Discover the optimal time to post. Integration with Buffer.
  • Tweetdeck: (FREE) Schedule tweets on multiple Twitter accounts at once.

3. Manage Followers

Once you’ve grown your list, it’s important to cultivate your community. Find out who are your top interactors and influencers. Start following and interacting with them. Also, do some house cleaning when it comes to who you follow: Stop following users who’ve been inactive for six months or longer.

  • Crowdfire: (FREE) Discover your inactive followers as well as fans following you.
  • Commun.it: (FREE) Find your top engaged followers.

4. Twitter Insights and Analytics

Learn more about your audience using these different tools. Find out how following users affects who and how many follow you.

  • Twitter Analytics: (FREE) View impressions, visits, mentions, and followers.
  • Twitter Counter: (FREE) View your stats around follower engagement.
  • Sprout Social: (30-day free trial) View extensive analytics about your audience demographics.

5. Create Valuable Content

It’s important to create content that is both insightful and visually appealing to your audience. Images, text, CTAs, and hashtags all affect the view and click rate of your posts.

  • Unsplash: (FREE) Find royalty free images that do not require attribution (bonus points if you do, however).
  • Call to action: Including a link in your tweets gives them a goal. Learn more about what type of call to action works for you.
  • Hashtags: 1-2 hashtags help your engagement rise twice as much as tweets with no hashtags.

6. Advocate Sharing Your Message

For a boost on specific PR campaigns, recruit users to blast your message across social media with you. If done correctly, this can help increase the visibility of your brand and your messaging.

  • Thunderclap: Amplify your message on social media.
  • Headtalker: Utilize a built-in community to jumpstart a Twitter campaign.

Our friends at Buffer wrote an article about 91 Additional Twitter Apps to Try. We tested some of these tools, but feel free to browse them for additional resources!