Why Authors Shouldn’t Wait to be Picked

As part of the recent announcement about the sale of one of our promotional products, I had the chance to talk with many authors who wanted to share their genuine concerns and feedback about the sale. One of the common views expressed by many authors was their concern about losing a promotional resource, sharing that publishing lacks effective promotional channels for many authors.

We believe these authors are correct that finding effective promotional services will get more difficult as the industry changes. We also believe that authors shouldn’t wait to be picked by a price promotional service. They should pick themselves just as author Seth Godin encourages everyone—and citing authors specifically—to reject the tyranny of being picked.

Authors can adopt the mindset of picking themselves by creating genuine connections with their readers, but many authors are not sure where to start. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to start connecting with readers and it begins with authors sharing content to develop their audience and author brand. There are important giveaways that every author should be doing to create the foundation of readership and a platform to effectively promote themselves.

It’s not good enough anymore to be the lucky few to have early success as an author…you have to keep the momentum.

Interestingly, authors who pick themselves by building their platform of readers and fans often find it’s much easier to get picked up by promotional sites—many services have minimum number and average rating for their review requirements—and they are also better able to sustain the momentum after a promotion. Moreover, we hear from those rare authors that were able to achieve early success with a debut novel that maintaining momentum is very challenging. Again, it’s not good enough anymore to be the lucky few to have early success as an author…you have to keep the momentum by making genuine, long-lasting connections with readers.

Don’t wait to be picked by a promotional service in publishing, pick yourself as an author.