Book Publishing and Content Marketing Converge

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Chart of Attractive vs. EngagingThat’s all wrong. Judge a book by its cover—and its metadata, and short description, and the original novella or blog that inspired it.

The business of publishing is tough. The rise of independent authors has caused a massive surge of new content to flood the marketplace. Your best way to breakaway from the crowd is by connecting with new readership and building audience through sharing content.

Content marketers can attract audience

The world of content marketing knows how to attract interest through sharing content. For years, content marketers have spent their days scheming about how to get on the first page of Google’s search results. It’s their business to attract audience for brands and acquire new customers. The problem with most content marketing is that it’s just not that engaging.

Creating a compelling story with words and pictures is critical in marketing. Content marketers try to compel people to “act now” by testing lots of different things until they discover what works. These marketers appreciate the power of driving action through imagery and understand a book will be judged by a cover.

Authors can engage audience

Authors can be great at engagement. They can tell a story that maintains readers’ attention for hours and days. Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to click on the last page of Google’s search results to find them. That’s an exaggeration to make a point: Many authors struggle to get their content discovered through their own marketing efforts. We hear it all the time from authors.

Content should be packaged and shared in smaller chunks to attract audience throughout the writing process.

Fortunately, the process of writing a book can produce a lot of compelling content to share—content that should be packaged and shared in smaller chunks to attract audience throughout the writing process. This requires a built-in content sharing strategy for the book so there’s a platform of fans from the day it’s released. Authors would also get the added benefit of vetting ideas and story throughout the writing process.

The convergence of publishing and content marketing is happening now. There have been many industry discussions about search engine optimization (SEO) and the importance of using keyword metadata. The best marketers know that creating findable content is just one step in building audience for brands. In fact, these marketers will often say producing good content around the brand is actually the most difficult part.

Authors already do the most challenging part of content marketing—creating engaging content—without gaining the full benefit of their efforts. They need to share content early and often to breakaway from the crowd.