Exclusive Minecraft Fanfiction: Justin Sloan, Eddie Bingo, Jesse Nethermind, and Kevin Tumlinson

Exclusive Minecraft Fanfiction: Justin Sloan, Eddie Bingo, Jesse Nethermind, and Kevin Tumlinson

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Exclusive Diary of a Pirate Wolf by Justin Sloan


A wolf faces off against spiders and skeletons in their journey to find his new master’s friends. But when said master is captured, it becomes a journey to save him from the kid’s soldiers — the wolf is forced to become a pirate.

Exclusive Arnold The Crafty by Eddie Bingo


In a world called the Overworld, where monsters stalk the land at night and poof away to the Nether at dawn, an outcast named Arnold sets out from home to find his fortunes.

He visits strange lands with odd customs and delicious foods, comfortable beds — and bandits everywhere you look!

Though Arnold’s a great swordsman, he’ll need more than muscle if he hopes to defeat Scary Mary, the terrifying bandit leader. He’ll need friends, rigorous training, razor sharp craftiness, and the willingness to fight.

Exclusive The Skeleton King by Jesse Nethermind

the skeleton king jesse nethermind

Three blocks destined to bring eternal night. One treasure hunter who wants nothing to do with heroics, but can’t pass up a good challenge. A Skeleton King who threatens to take over the world.

The Skeleton King is a prequel to the Blade of the Sea series, and has been called a Minecraft version of Indiana Jones meets The Mummy.

Exclusive Secret of the Diamond Sword by Kevin Tumlinson

secret of the diamond sword kevin tumlinson

Alex Kotler has always been good at solving mysteries. That’s why he started his own detective agency—any mystery solved, but it will cost you a buck.

For one dollar, Alex finds lost homework, helps track down missing bicycles, and puts things right for kids who need a little help. But one day, a new girl in town brings Alex an all new sort of mystery. Her father has a mysterious diamond sword—and it’s gone missing!

Alex has to use all of his smarts (and everything his famous uncle, Dan Kotler, has taught him) to track down the diamond sword and unravel its mysteries. But he’s not the only one looking.

Can Alex solve the Secret of the Diamond Sword, escape capture by the mysterious man who took it, and collect his buck?

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  1. My son and his friends are HUGE fans of MINECRAFT and I’m always on the lookout for new products to get for them. I can’t wait until he sees and read these!

  2. I love fanfictions. They always provide a nice review of the content and then provide some additional insights that you might not think of on your own, especially when it comes to Minecraft.


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