See It First: Ashley Witty and Ralph Peterson

See It First: Ashley Witty and Ralph Peterson

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Science Fiction

Exclusive Diary of a Herobrine by Ashley Witty

diary of a herobrine ashley witty

Ashley Witty’s amusing story–More Than a Glitch: The Story of a Hero–relates the adventures of Herobrine a glitch who lives in the walls of Minecraft waiting to escape his coding and mess around in the blocky world. He desperately wants to be a good guy out there mining and crafting and building golems to protect villagers. He wants to be a hero. With his sidekick Enderman, the two decide instead to enter a convention’s scaring competition since that is what they are good at. Follow their hair-raising escapades as they compete for the title of Minecraft’s Best.


Exclusive Animal Detective by Ralph Peterson

animal detective ralph peterson

Henry The Bobcat was taken from the San Diego Zoo last night! Walk through all the exhibits questioning each of the zookeepers about there whereabouts, find clues and hunches along the way from surprise witnesses and slowly discover who took him and why!

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One thought on “See It First: Ashley Witty and Ralph Peterson

  1. My kids will love the minecraft book! Thank you for making easier for a mom, and other parents!

    (The pet detective book is no longer available or at this time, it isn’t available … I’m sure they would have loved that one too and I will look for it elsewhere!)

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