See It First: Christine Pope, Anna Omasta, and Roxy Callahan

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Historical Romance

Exclusive Golden Heart by Christine Pope

golden heart christine pope

When the proper Miss Lavinia Greene receives a letter from her eccentric  inventor uncle asking her to visit him at his castle in Romania, her  only thought is that his invitation will give her a wonderful  opportunity to escape her carefully ordered existence. Even as she  acknowledges her attraction to her uncle’s mysterious new assistant,  Joshua Jones, Lavinia also finds herself drawn into mayhem and murder as  foreign agents attempt to seize her uncle’s latest invention.

Fearing for her life, Lavinia must navigate a shifting web of loyalties  and deceit, whether in the wilds of Romania or the elegant ballrooms of  a Victorian London just slightly different from our own. But can she  discover the truth of her own heart before it’s too late?


The Keys to my Diary by Ann Omasta

the keys to my diary ann omasta

Would YOU like to take a peek inside my diary? I guess I’m jumping ahead…we haven’t even been introduced. My name is Fern Burns. (Yes, I know it is a ridiculous moniker. If you met my flighty mother, you would understand.) By some wonderful stroke of good luck, I live in the beautiful, tropical Florida Keys. Oh, and I am not your typical Contemporary Romance heroine.

In this journal, I share the sometimes wacky, often wild, and always entertaining stories of my life for the year. From the love-hate relationship I develop with the book, The Secret, to having to deal with cursing parrots and a road filled with skittering crabs, the summations of my offbeat daily life should make for an interesting and fun read.

I treat my diary like my best friend as I openly write about my hopes and dreams, my thoughts and fears, and my triumphs and embarrassments. This is a particularly exciting year because I finally meet the man of my dreams! Or is he?

This fast-paced story is an intimate look inside my life as I go all-in and hand over the keys to my diary. Go ahead…Take a PEEK!

New Adult

In The Billionaires Club by Roxy Callahan

in the billionaires club roxy callahan

When a party girl gets invited to the Billionaires Club, nothing is as it seems

Gin Langdon is young, beautiful, and can get any guy she wants, which she does with reckless abandon. As she toys with yet another boy at a nightclub in San Francisco, he gives her a business card before he leaves. With the card is an invitation: To meet him at Sal’s Place, a bar better known as the Billionaires Club–the most exclusive club in the world.

The invitation leads to a new plan for Gin. Gone are the weekly hookups and nameless hunks. She will now find her true love among the uber rich of Silicon Valley. But an invitation to the club is one thing. Navigating the egos, agendas, and entitlement inside is another. Young rich men buy her clothes, fly her to Venice for a weekend dinner, and take her out onto the ocean on their private yachts. However, as Gin enjoys her new life of luxury, she starts to wonder: In a world of free and easy, why is love so difficult to find?

A novel full of glamour, steamy sex, and sarcastic bartenders, In the Billionaires Club is one girl’s mission to leave irresponsibility behind and find true love in a world of billionaires and the shocking surprise when she ultimately finds it.

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