Top 3 Historical Romance Giveaways on instaFreebie

At instaFreebie, we understand how hard our authors work to connect with their readers and build audiences through giveaways. So we’re celebrating their successes with lists of our most downloaded, on-going giveaways in our most popular genres. This week’s focus is on historical romance ebooks! Check out our top 3 below, and use the links to download them now!

3. Wronged: The Cuvier Widows by Sylvia McDaniel


Passion and intrigue abound in this first of three tales set in New Orleans and featuring three women who discover they were all married to the same man.

Marian Cuvier didn’t know how to react when she learned that the man she called husband and father to her children, Jean Cuvier, had been murdered. Yet, the biggest surprise was when the detective informed her that she’s not the only woman Jean married. There are three Cuvier Widows and one is suspected of murder.

When Marian learned of her husband’s death, humiliation, shock and anger were the only emotions she felt for Jean. For the last several years, their marriage has been in name only. Now she’s determined to safeguard her children’s future and save their only source of income, Cuvier Shipping. Jean’s handsome business partner, Louis Fournet thinks Marian’s should not be leading her husband’s business. The man has a way with women that Marian finds alluring and arouses feelings she’s never experienced. Louis Fournet is a temptation she finds hard to resist.

2. The Needle and the Strap: A Vikings of Vinland Sexy Short by Bibi Rizer


Young Jari Sturlason hasn’t lived up to the Viking standards of his brave and ruthless kinsmen, until he rescues a wild and wicked shield maiden from a burning ship.

Jari looked down to the girl, whose color was returning, though she was shivering, and trying to cover her pale shapely legs with her sodden dress. He gave her a sip from his wineskin, which added some rose to her cheeks. Now she was alive and with her eyes open, Jari could see that she was a young woman, maybe a bit older than him, with a soft feminine shape, dark hair and bright grey eyes. Miraculously, she didn’t seem to be burned, not even her hair. Perhaps the gods looked on him with favor today after all. The Skræling gods or his gods, he cared not if they delivered a pretty woman into his care.

Unless she had the fever of course. Then he was f*cked. But it was too late to change that now.

  1. No Place for a Lady by Jade Lee


The London rookeries are slums, rife with criminals, and shunned by the upper crust.

But someone there intends to murder one of England’s greatest leaders, and Marcus Kane, Lord Chadwick, will follow every clue, even into the bowels of London’s underground. But he can’t find his way alone.

A partner is required.

Fantine Delarive is perfect. She knows the slums better than any, has survived its labyrinth alone for years, and knows every criminal lurking in every dark corner.

Then, the investigation detours the pair into the bright ballrooms of the ton.

And Fantine fits in here, too.

Which changes everything.

Lord Chadwick knows a woman of Fantine’s ilk is entirely unsuitable for him. But she’s infinitely more exciting than any well-born lady he’s ever met.

Now much more than an acquaintance with the independent, self-reliant Fantine is required… and it must end with nothing less than marriage.

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