See It First: Adrian Wills, Mark Petterson, Susan May

See It First: Adrian Wills, Mark Petterson, Susan May

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Crime Thriller

EXCLUSIVE The Viper’s Strike by Adrian Wills

Former Special Forces psychologist, Tom Blake can peer into the minds of men. But when a mysterious traveler arrives in the country on a fake passport, pursued by a ruthless assassin, the truth is so disturbing and deceptive that even Blake is stumped. The puzzle points to a Russian dissident harboring a terrible secret that could rock a nation.

Can Blake, now working for a covert MI5 counter-terrorism unit, unpick the pieces of the jigsaw in time to save his life?


EXCLUSIVE Storm Rider: Where The Road Leads by Mark Petterson

Maybe you ride a Screamin’ Eagle so tricked out your friends call it a garbage barge. Or maybe your sled is a box-stock 1947 pan that started out in your garage as a basket case. Or maybe you’re still eatin’ beans and rice so one day you can afford that dream scoot.

You’re a biker, so you understand. No need for explanations. It’s in your blood, in your heart, in your spirit.

These are just some of the tales from the countless stories of your brothers and sisters. Stories of the road less travelled. Stories of love, adventure, humor, sadness, and all the other stuff life throws at us.

But nothing will ever extinguish that fire inside you. It’s who you are, how you act, the code you live by.

Now it’s time to ride. No excuses. If you can’t saddle up right now then pop a cold one and throttle through these pages. It’s the next best thing to cuttin’ concrete.

This book contains 18 of the very best biker short stories from the vintage years.

Psychological Thriller

Deadly Messengers by Susan May


Freelance journalist Kendall normally writes fluff magazine pieces, until she scores an interview with a survivor of a horrific mass killing. Suddenly she’s the go-to reporter for the chilling crime: seven people brutally murdered with an axe and the killer dead at the scene.

Then another mass killing occurs. This time arson and ten eldercare facility residents die in the blaze. Then it happens again. A mother with a gun embarks on a rampage at a family birthday party. All killers die before they can be interviewed.

Investigating detective O’Grady wonders how evil can strike three times in only weeks. The crimes are far too coincidental. Yet the killers share only one common detail: none has a murderer’s profile. No history of violence. No connection to terrorists. No vendettas. Ordinary citizens suddenly just became ruthless killers.

When Kendall crosses O’Grady’s path sparks fly. And not the good kind. She reminds him of a past he wants to forget. While she can’t understand the detective’s open hostility toward her. Not to mention, he’s standing in the way of a rent-paying story she desperately needs.

They will discover these killings form part of a plan far greater than just these crimes. A message is being sent and if the meaning is not deciphered soon many more will die.

From the top ten Amazon horror author Susan May comes another dark thriller page turner with a unique twist for lovers of Stephen King and early Dean Koontz, who will discover their next favorite author.

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  1. Thanks Instafreebie for featuring my book Deadly Messengers. Please feel free everyone to grap a copy. Deadly is a best selling Amazon book and currently ranked in the top 350 books on all of Amazon since January 2017.

    Look forward to meeting all the wonderful dark thriller readers at Instafreebie. 🙂

    Susan May

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