See It First: Andrew C. Broderick, Tony Bertauski, and Danielle Lenee Davis

See It First: Andrew C. Broderick, Tony Bertauski, and Danielle Lenee Davis

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Exclusive Safe by Andrew C. Broderick

Jason has spent all his life looking out of the windows of Pod 43. One day, using an illegal homemade telescope, he sees humans outside. Why is Pod Command lying to them that outside is uninhabitable? Jason is determined to escape–an offense punishable by death–if he can get past the Guards.


Halfskin: The Vignettes by Tony Bertauski

A synthetic stem cell called a biomite can replace any cell in your body. They are infallible. As our percentages of biomites rise, we become stronger, we become smarter and prettier. We become better.

Can we resist the temptation of perfection? Are we still human when our bodies are replaced by synthetic replication? If biomites exist, laws will be imposed to prevent excess and abuse. Those with 50% biomites will no longer be considered human. They will be halfskin.

Halfksin: The Vignettes is a compendium of short stories found throughout the Halfskin trilogy, a harbinger of what humanity’s pursuit of perfection may look like.


The Protector by Danielle Lenee Davis

When the body of a social worker is found on the stairway inside the building where she worked, a mouthful of Scrabble letters tells Detective Valentine that this is not a random killing.

And it’s not.

A brutal killer with a sinister connection to Child Protective Services is prowling the streets in Detective Sydney Valentine’s jurisdiction. Additional letters are needed to piece together the puzzle, but that means more people will die.

A dead juvenile court judge, a single mother – the body count climbs.

Valentine becomes a target and the stakes rise. Her sister is attacked and Valentine realizes she needs to step it up before it’s too late. Her courage and investigative skills are put to the test. She must protect her family and take down the killer.


11 thoughts on “See It First: Andrew C. Broderick, Tony Bertauski, and Danielle Lenee Davis

  1. They all sound so intriguing, I guess I will have to work on reading them all simultaneously. One on each device in the different rooms of the house. Thanks for the new titles.

  2. Think I’ll check out The Protector as it sounds like my type of book. Thanks for offering a selection of freebies to choose from.

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