See It First: Lee Isserow, Steve Turnbull, and P.A. Wilson

See It First: Lee Isserow, Steve Turnbull, and P.A. Wilson

We love introducing Instafreebie readers to great stories and big ideas. Take a chance on new authors and try great stories from old favorites. See it first every day with Instafreebie and be free to discover authors you’ll love. We’re thrilled to share the latest and greatest from our Mystery, Thriller, and Crime genres. 


 The Whistle by Lee Isserow

Corporations are people – and people don’t like their secrets being shared…

Inspired by a series of whistleblowers, Scott and Jennifer decide the work they’ve been doing for their nefarious employers needs to be brought into the light.

But the company is prepared to go further than either of them could have expected to make sure the whistle stays silent.

The Whistle is a short story, channelling the spirit of the William Gibson Sprawl trilogy, and Black Mirror by Charlie Brooker.


Lure of the Riptide (A Maliha Anderson Novel) by Steve Turnbull

1908. In a corner of India that will be forever France, a murderer walks.

Maliha Anderson prefers to be alone and the murdered body washed up by the tide is one person too many.

Having returned to the place of her birth to take part in the death rituals for her mother Maliha is confronted with a crime that will be unavenged unless she does something about it.

But as she digs into the circumstances of the death she faces greed, lust and intense prejudice in a cultural clash between East and West. The question is, how far must she go to bring the true culprit to justice?

In a past that never was, this tale of love and avarice is filled with vivid descriptions, intriguing characters, and crisp, elegant prose.


Hubris by P.A. Wilson

A missing teenager. A suspicious car accident, a mouthy client. Charity’s survive her first case?

Charity witnesses a car crash. The police don’t talk to PIs, but maybe they’ll explain why the driver has a bullet hole in his head.

Her very first client is a young streetwalker named Val. She’s prickly and won’t back off. She’s used to fending for herself, but her sister Emma has fallen into something big. Anyone who shows too much interest in this particular business is liable to catch a sudden case of death. She needs the help of a pro, and soon, or Emma may not survive to be rescued.

As Charity traces each lead with Val in tow, they get closer and closer to the most dangerous criminals in the city — the Chinese gangs that kill anyone who gets too curious about their business— drugs and people trafficking.

If you enjoy fast paced and terrifying action, you’ll love this page turner.

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