See It First: Leslie North, Laura Fletcher, Lisa Ladew

See It First: Leslie North, Laura Fletcher, Lisa Ladew

We know instaFreebie readers are always ready to discover new authors and try great new reads from old favorites, so we’re making our blog the best way for you to see it first every day! It’s Monday, and we’re starting off the week with the latest and greatest from our top romance genres!



The Sheikh’s Forced Bride by Leslie North

Sheikh Khalid Al-Qasimi’s playboy ways have finally caught up with him. After creating a scandal during a diplomatic visit to America, Khalid is given a choice by his father—marry or face banishment. Rather than lose his family, Khalid bows to his father’s wishes but an outspoken American interrupts Khalid’s would-be wedding. Now Khalid has a new plan that might please his father, secure his inheritance and leave Khalid still able to go on with his life …he’ll take the beautiful American as his bride—and then his father will hate her so much he’ll beg Khalid not to get married after all.

Journalist Casey Connolly has never been afraid to share her opinions. While researching an article on arranged marriages, she lands in trouble when she crashes a royal wedding to get a quote from the attending American guests.. The sexy groom offers to set her free if she’ll step into the role of his fiancée—just for a short time. Seeing a chance to get the scoop she needs, Casey agrees.

Soon there’s no denying the chemistry they share. But Casey’s boss is pushing her to complete her piece and head back to the States, while Khalid’s father is still pushing for a hasty wedding. Will this pseudo-romance become the real thing or buckle under all the pressure being put on these two?


Historical Western Romance

A Cowboy’s Salvation by Laura Fletcher

Sheriff Tex Wilson has been protecting the town of Brimstone for quite some time now. He’s been the town’s sheriff even during its formative years, and he’s developed quite a reputation as it’s tough law-enforcing sheriff. Because of his long tenure, and dedication to his job, he’s also developed a very unflattering nickname, at least for him. It’s a nickname that’s best not said to Sheriff Tex’s face. They call him “Lonesome” Tex Wilson.

Annie Portion is real “Redtail Annie” a mysterious and notorious female outlaw. No one has ever seen her face because it’s always covered with a large handkerchief. Annie saw the sheriff’s application on the Mail Order Bride service, and she saw it as a great opportunity. She figured her gang could strike with a lot more impunity if she were actually married to the sheriff. It’s a bold, long-term plan that could work. It’s a great idea that would have been perfect except for one thing; Annie is falling in love with Tex.

With their time together, Annie begins to develop feelings for Tex. She starts to develop a real liking for her life with him in Brimstone. But her gang doesn’t know this, and they’re getting itchy, waiting for her signal to rob the town bank, at the most opportune moment. With the stakes so high, what choice will Annie make? Who will prevail? Annie Portion, the woman who loves Tex Wilson, or “Redtail Annie” the outlaw?



Edge of Heat Prequel by Lisa Ladew

Vivian’s first love is not at all who you would expect. A dangerous story that tells how a young woman’s expectations of men were shaped for life.

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