See It First: Lise Cartwright, Lori Schafer, and Simeon Lindstrom

See It First: Lise Cartwright, Lori Schafer, and Simeon Lindstrom

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Side Hustle Blueprint by Lise Cartwright

Are you struggling to make your money last all the way to the end of the month? Are you trying to figure out HOW you’re going to make ends meet with the money you’re currently earning?

I get it. You want to do everything and find it FRUSTRATING that you don’t earn what you are worth and how that then translates into you NOT being able to get everything you want.

So what can you do? What options are there?

Do you:

  1. Apply for a personal loan, only to get rejected?
  2. Ask for a raise at work, only to be laughed at?
  3. Apply to increase your credit card limit, only to overspend it?

In this hands-on and step-by-step guide, Lise Cartwright explains how YOU can earn what you’re worth and do and have the things you want… WITHOUT having to leave your day job, apply for more credit increases or have embarrassing conversations with your boss.

By using examples from her own personal experiences and guidance from her mentors, she shows you how to make an extra $1000 in just 30 days.


Biographies & Memoirs

Exclusive Stories From My Memory-Shelf by Lori Schafer

From the author of On Hearing of My Mother’s Death Six Years After It Happened: A Daughter’s Memoir of Mental Illness, Stories from My Memory-Shelf is the story of my life told in short fiction and essays. Features author commentary on the real-life events that inspired the stories.


What stories are on YOUR memory-shelf?


Exclusive Always Happy by Simeon Lindstrom

Here, you will not find any quick tips and tricks on how to live a fabulous life free of suffering or fear or confusion.

The approach I take actually goes against most of the popular ways to tackle depression, anxiety or general malaise. But it is an approach that allowed me to dig deep into my own authenticity, be honest with myself and start to make real, lasting changes in my life.

I was petrified to really put myself out there, to look at myself as I was, without any bullshit. But then I realized that the pain of living inauthentically was greater than the pain of taking a risk and being myself.

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  1. Thanks for the great books ok all kinds. Even the little ones, you gave me choices for them too. Awesome. I may never have buy a book again. Unless I want too.

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