See It First: Lise McClendon, Cindy Bell, and A.D. Starrling

See It First: Lise McClendon, Cindy Bell, and A.D. Starrling

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Plan X by Lise McClendon

An international thriller for the lover of intrigue, secrets, and spies. When a cop finds a trove of ancient documents that may — or may not — be an undiscovered Shakespeare play, she follows the lead wherever it goes, to Washington, DC., and across the ocean. A character-driven, high-octane adventure for readers of John LeCarre and Daniel Silva.

“A thoughtful thriller that takes Officer Cody Byrne around the globe in a series of murderous twists that include shocking personal discovery, Shakespearean drama and royal connections that she never could have seen coming.” — Indie Reader Approved.

PLAN X is both thrilling and sophisticated. In a serpentine story that races from small-town Montana to the vaulted halls of Windsor Castle, nothing is as it seems, including the works of the great Shakespeare himself. Former military and current police officer Cody Byrne is unforgettable– a heroine you want to root for. I love this book!
–New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author J. Carson Black

It should have been simple, this finding the next-of-kin. But for Officer Cody Byrne the explosion that injures the Shakespeare professor is more than suspicious. So begins the unraveling of a man’s life, a man’s secrets, his loves and birthright, as Cody follows his trail to Washington, DC, then London, trying to glean something of his shadowed past from the Renaissance documents he left behind.

It begins in Montana, but soon takes her on a global journey, as well as a psychic one, after an Iraq tour as an Army Reservist leaves her shaken. Eager that no one finds out about her PTSD, she toughs it out, even while grieving for her brother lost in Afghanistan. A challenge coin he left behind is another mystery, the blank side and the side that says: PLAN X: Always with you, Wherever you go. Cody’s journey takes her back to the family she hardly knows, and the surprising revelations of a professor’s past.

Cozy Mystery

A Tough Case to Crack by Cindy Bell

Kerri Gale is getting ready for the grand opening of her nut shop, ‘Nuts about Nuts’, in the small town of Cascade Grove. She is new to the area and is enjoying setting up home with her Yorkshire Terrier, Cashew, and spending time with her new friend, Natalie.

But when possible evidence from the murder of the previous shop owner is found in the shop, Kerri finds herself right in the middle of a murder investigation. A handsome reporter, Steve, is writing an article about the murder, but can Kerri rely on him? Then her grandfather, who she hasn’t seen in ages, turns up out of the blue and is being very secretive. During the chaos Kerri has to try to juggle everything so she can find the murderer and her shop can open on time.

Can she trust Steve or is he just using her for a story? Can she trust her grandfather or is his sudden arrival not a coincidence? Will Kerri solve the murder? Or is Natalie right and ghosts are to blame?

Recipes for Toasted Pecan Cookies and Maple Nut Pie are included!


Hunted (A Seventeen Series Thriller Book 1) by A.D. Starrling

Born of a Bastian mother and a Crovir father, a half-breed who is abhorred by the two Immortal races, Lucas Soul spends the first three hundred and fifty years of his existence being chased and killed by the Hunters.

One fall night in Boston, the Hunt starts again, resulting in Soul’s fifteenth death and triggering a chain of events that sends him on the run with Reid Hasley, a former US Marine and his human business partner. From Paris to Prague, their search for answers leads them deep into the Immortal societies and brings them face to face with someone from Soul’s past. Shocking secrets are revealed and fresh allies come to the fore as they uncover a new and terrifying threat to both immortals and humans.

To defeat his enemies, Soul must embrace his tortured fate and become the Hunter. But time is running out. Can he protect the ones he loves and prevent another Immortal War before his seventeenth and final death?
Hunted is the first installment in AD Starrling’s multi-award-winning, paranormal thriller series Seventeen. If you like high-octane, fast-paced adventures that combine science and the supernatural, then you’ll love the world of Seventeen.

Get this book to start the epic series today!

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  2. Redemption code???? for PlanX?? If you don’t know the code, try asking the person who shared the link??? Really???
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    I appreciate being able to access free books but I don’t understand the requirement of a redemption code if the books are supposed to be free.

    1. Hi Judy, I am sorry you weren’t able to access Plan X. Please understand that authors often make their books available to the public for a limited amount of time. The books we feature are always available to download around the time of the feature. However, since the books on this page were featured in June, we cannot guarantee that they are still accessible.
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