See It First: Rachel Toalson, and Giacomo Giammatteo

See It First: Rachel Toalson, and Giacomo Giammatteo

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We Embrace Wisdom. Spiritual Maturity. Humility. by Rachel Toalson

we embrace wisdom spiritual maturity humility rachel toalson

It’s not so much a pursuit. It’s a recognition.

Wisdom, spiritual maturity and humility are not so much pursuits we make with our lives as they are a recognition that clicks into place: we already have wisdom, spiritual maturity and humility inside of us. We just have to uncover it.

The world does a competent job of veiling our wisdom, spiritual maturity and humility, though, so how does one go about uncovering it? In January: We Embrace Wisdom. Spiritual Maturity. Humility, Rachel leads her readers through her most private journals, working out for herself how one goes about uncovering wisdom and spiritual maturity and humility. With essays about failed expectations, overcoming victim mentality and the pride that comes before a hard fall, this first episode in the Family on Purpose series promises its readers great hope and encouragement.

Through Rachel’s candor and insight, you will learn:
•What a Family Sabbath can teach us about spiritual maturity
•The wisdom that lies in knowing (and accepting) who we and our children were made to be
•The power of letting ourselves fail
•How the messes children make become memories
•What admitting our mistakes can show us about humility and wisdom and much more.

As the mother of six young boys, Rachel understands what it’s like to feel alone in her world. That’s why she opens up her journals, and, essentially, her family life to the eyes of her readers in ways that let them stand in unashamed solidarity and whisper, “me too.” Because there is wisdom and hope in authenticity.


Exclusive Uneducated by Giacomo Giammatteo 
uneducated giacomo giammatteo

Did you ever find yourself at a dead-end, not knowing where to go, or which way to turn?

I’m sure Steve Jobs did, or Bill Gates, or Leonardo da Vinci, or Ben Franklin, or any of our twelve presidents who didn’t have degrees. But that didn’t stop them. They didn’t give up. They gathered their wits, made a plan, and persevered. And look where it got them!

Not everyone becomes a billionaire, obviously, but it *is* achievable. Many of the people in this book did it. You can too.

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