See It First: Thomas Fincham, John Ling, Catherine Lee

See It First: Thomas Fincham, John Ling, Catherine Lee

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The Silent Reporter by Thomas Fincham

A reporter investigates the death of his professor, only to stumble upon a conspiracy that is bigger than he had imagined. Hyder Ali is working as a reporter for the Daily Times. Eric Freeland, his old professor and mentor, is found hanging inside his home. Freeland’s daughter, Jessica, shows up asking for Hyder’s help. She believes her father was murdered.

Detective Tom Nolan is assigned the Freeland case. He is an alcoholic who would rather sit in a bar and get drunk than work on the case. What looks like an apparent suicide soon turns into something more sinister when Hyder, Jessica, and Nolan begin searching for the truth.


Fallen Angel by John Ling

Kendra Shaw was once a rising star on the counterterrorism circuit. A brilliant operative who specialised in finding, fixing and finishing threats all around the world. But after a harrowing mission goes wrong, the pressure becomes too much for her to take, and she suffers a nervous breakdown. Now disgraced and suspended from duty, Kendra is sent back home, where she spends months recovering from the trauma.

She thinks she is out of the game, but any peace is short-lived. One afternoon, on a busy street corner, Kendra spots a familiar face from her past — Ryan Hosseini, the lover she left behind years ago when she decided to serve her country.

Wrestling with old regrets, she is about to approach him when she realises that he isn’t alone. A surveillance team is hovering close by, affiliation unknown, intention unknown. And before Kendra can make sense of the situation, a bomb detonates and rips through the lunchtime crowd, and amidst the fire and rubble, Ryan vanishes.

Now Kendra finds herself on the hunt once more, searching the city, determined to uncover the truth. Is Ryan a victim of circumstance? Or is he a home-grown terrorist on the verge of unleashing an even deadlier attack?


Dark City by Catherine Lee

How well do you know the people you love? A fast-paced murder mystery set in the city of Sydney, Australia, DARK CITY is the prequel novella to the Dark series featuring Detectives Cooper and Quinn.

DARK CITY tells the story of how Cooper lost his first partner, Stocky. It’s a tale of families, greed, corruption, and murder.

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