See It First: A. F. Stewart, Amelia Smith, and Simon Toyne

See It First: A. F. Stewart, Amelia Smith, and Simon Toyne

We love introducing Instafreebie readers to great stories and big ideas. Take a chance on new authors and try great stories from old favorites. See it first every day with Instafreebie and be free to discover authors you’ll love. We’re thrilled to share the latest and greatest from our fantasy genres!

Paranormal Fantasy

Exclusive Sea Bound by A. F. Stewart

Sea Bound by A. F. Stewart

Come join Rafe Morrow on his first adventure as captain of the Celestial Jewel. Sail with him and his mysterious passenger on a journey to the Stone Fire Islands. What secrets and dangers are waiting for them?

A Saga of the Outer Islands companion short story.

High Fantasy

Spirits in the Hills by Amelia Smith

Spirits in the Hills by Amelia Smith

In the governor’s palace, Sovara poses as a maid. She listens for any threat to the dragons, the life force of the land. One night, she overhears foreigners plotting to raid one of the dragons’ gates, close to the village of her birth, which she left decades ago. Sovara rallies the others in her secret society of swordsmen (and women) to block the invaders, but sets out with only her least-amiable brother-in-arms and one green apprentice – a scouting party to battle a merchant army.

Wild West Fantasy

Exclusive Redemption by Simon Toyne

Redemption by Simon Toyne

Mid-eighteenth century America. A man is given a bible by a dying priest and told it will lead him to a great fortune in the Arizona desert. But instead of riches he finds death in the savage wilderness, death and other things besides.


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