See It First: Alex Villavasso, Christina Rozelle, and TS Vale

See It First: Alex Villavasso, Christina Rozelle, and TS Vale

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The Last Light by Alex Villavasso

The Last Light by Alex Villavasso

Emil is an Abnormal: a seemingly normal human being gifted with superhuman abilities.

From the second he first channeled the light energy his body produced, his life was no longer his own. Abnormals like him are forced to join the king’s covert division named Legion to enforce his tyranny or be put down like beasts. For years Emil has been able to evade the hand of the king and his capture by Legion, until on one hellish night, his village is ambushed and he is forced to helplessly watch as a fire-manipulating Abnormal destroy everything he loves.

Enraged and sick of running, Emil swears a path of revenge by single-handedly waging war against the king of the land.

For years, he ran. Now, he fights.

Horror, Action/Adventure

Dysphoria and Grace by Christina Rozelle

Dysphoria and Grace by Christina Rozelle

Twenty-year-old orphan, Grace Vincent, is damaged beyond repair. She’s had a rough life, and with the state of the world, things aren’t getting any better. With crime on the constant rise, and all licensed civilians age sixteen and up armed, it’s no wonder she has a pet name for her 9 mm, Suki.

While attending the slummiest community college in Selam, Texas, Grace still lives at home with her adoptive parents and their “miracle” baby, but only for a few more months until she graduates and they buy her a new car. She smokes and drinks a little too much, loses herself in music, and to keep things interesting, she’s falling hard for her best friend.

But when the government imposes Martial Law, requiring civilians ages twenty-one and up to be vaccinated in an effort to eradicate violence, and things don’t go as planned, Grace is left to navigate a frenzied world while wrangling difficult realizations and regrets. With nothing else to lose, a decision must be made—fight and live, or surrender and die.

When Grace has lost all hope, two chance encounters prove there are secrets in Selam, lies about how the end happened, and hope for her yet, despite the insanity in her screwed-up mind. The world may have ended, but Grace’s new life has just begun.

**Content Advisory/Trigger Warning**

Dysphoria and Grace/The Night Blind Saga is a dark apocalyptic romance series with some very steamy, sometimes rather dark scenes. In these books you will find a buffet of language, gore, drug use, violence, assault/abuse, and a bunch of other stuff of this nature.

*Recommended for mature readers 18+
*read at your own risk.
*Not recommended for those with PTSD (though the main character herself suffers from PTSD, so… your call)
*The books in this series may contain possible cliffhangers


Preview Darkcrasher: Magnus by TS Vale

Darkcrasher: Magnus (Preview) by TS Vale

On Earth in 2089, the extremely wealthy control a new technology they’ve illegally used to build planet-scale playgrounds on other worlds – worlds out there, on the q-side, where time flows differently relative to Earth’s.

These wealthy world-gamers have complete control within their playgrounds, projecting their consciousness into the distant host bodies that they’ve seeded there for their pleasure. But when the new technology gets hacked and crashes, it cuts these gamers off … with deadly consequences.

High in a Los Angeles megatower, corporate employee Dante Rosso must fix the crash and restore the systems so his megalomaniac boss can get back to his game. As he works, he discovers highly disturbing secrets — and makes the dangerous decision to act alone on what he finds.

Out there, the people on these distant game-worlds whose ancestors were “seeded” there long ago are completely unaware of their true origins. Let alone their status as corporate property. But on one of these worlds – the one that belongs to Dante Rosso’s boss – there is one troubled man who is aware that a long-gone evil is seeking to return.

Heath of the Hadrak magi believes he stands alone against this returning evil, the destroyers of mind and renders of flesh his people know as wizards. Forced to keep his awareness secret, blind to the greater truth, he is unaware that he may have an ally from another world. Instead, he does the only thing he can: he readies himself to risk all that he has and all that he loves to stop the horror to come.

Weapon. Pawn. Lord. And slave. He must become the darkness in order to save the light.

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