See It First: Amanda Roberts, Alice Kuipers, and Alykhan Gulamali

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Preview The Crazy Dumplings Cookbook by Amanda Roberts

The Crazy Dumplings Cookbook by Amanda Roberts

Dumplings. Wontons. Jiaozi. This remarkably simple food is found throughout Asia and in Chinese restaurants and kitchens around the world, but have you ever filled a dumpling wrapper with chicken? Lobster? North American Plains Bison? Hardly anyone has! The Crazy Dumplings Cookbook features over 100 recipes with some of the craziest and most delicious dumpling filling recipes you will ever see. From Chicken Taquito Dumplings to Timey-Wimey Dumplings to a dumpling for your dog, Crazy Dumplings will show you all the crazy things you can stuff into a dumpling wrapper for an easy meal or snack.

Education & Teaching

Writing For Children and Young Adults by Alice Kuipers

Writing For Children and Young Adults by Alice Kuipers

Maybe you’re a young adult author at heart. Perhaps inside you, you have brilliant book for middle grade readers, but you’ve been attempting a picture book instead. Writing For Children and Young Adults is an in depth look the many possibilities for writers for young people.
Through exercises at the end of each chapter, you’ll move into exploring character, structure, style and then publishing. So. Much. Fun!
Alice Kuipers has published several YA novels (HarperCollins) and two picture books (Little Brown Books for Young Readers), and she has a chapter book series too (Chronicle Press).


Preview The Effort Matrix by Alykhan Gulamali

The Effort Matrix by Alykhan Gulamali

Are you struggling to do the things you know are important because of how annoying or uninteresting they are?

Are you frustrated by the lack of hours in the day?

Do you wish you could dictate your schedule instead of just letting things happen and hoping for the best?

Once you understand how you are currently spending your time and why, you’ll be able to take control of what you accomplish every day and ensure that your actions tie back to your most important values and life priorities.

How is this possible?

By constructing your very own effort matrix. The effort matrix depicts where your activities lie in the context of importance and interest:

1. Gung-Ho (we love this part of our lives)
2. Grind (things that are vitally important and we know we must do)
3. Guilty Pleasure (fun stuff)
4. Screw It (not worth the effort)

Spending your time on activities of high importance and high interest makes you happier. Shifting high-value activities into a place of high importance and high interest makes you more productive.

In The Effort Matrix, you will learn how to do this.

We’ll help you define your high-value activities that tie back to your top priorities, make time every day for them, craft a bulletproof to-do list system that prioritizes itself, and build productivity routines that maximize your efforts throughout the week.

Stop wasting time on the things that don’t matter and wondering why nothing ever gets done.

To live a productive life, we can follow all kinds of guidelines, tools, and rules but we will only be successful if we harness our efforts! This book explores where most people fall short on productivity because of the unwillingness to put effort into the right things.

Understand your effort matrix and follow the simple guidelines in this book and you’ll become more productive and happier at the same time.

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