See It First: B. C. Kellog, M. N. Arzú, and Matt Stark

See It First: B. C. Kellog, M. N. Arzú, and Matt Stark

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Space Opera

Exclusive Preview Sanctuary’s Gambit by B. C. Kellog

Sanctuary's Gambit by B. C. Kellog

Despite the threat of invasion, the Sanctuary High Council refuses to confront the deadly threat of the Satori Empire head-on. Instead, they secretly turn to the only man who’s faced the Satori and survived: Conrad Redeker.

Now captain of the Steadfast, a small Protectorate ship, Conrad Redeker must return to hostile space. His covert mission: find allies for Sanctuary’s inevitable clash with the Empire.

Upon returning to Imperial space, a surprise attack on a frontier world lands Conrad in the clutches of Fleet Admiral Karsath. As the crew of the Steadfast race to rescue their captain, Karsath executes his ambitious plans for Conrad’s future—a future that means complete and utter transformation of Sanctuary’s only hero.

Superhero Fiction

Exclusive Spelling It Out by M.N. Arzú

Spelling It Out by M.N. Arzú

Want a different kind of secret life?

Spelling It Out is a superhero short story that tells the joys and downs of being a superhero. But beware, because in love, war, and board games, anything goes.

Time Travel

Time Shift by Matt Stark

Time Shift by Matt Stark

In 2016, Greg Sanford, a jaded ex-doctor meets a mysterious man who takes him back in time to the 1980’s, then tells him that his world in 2016 is not how it should be. Margaret Thatcher was murdered. Everyone knows that. Only she never should have died. Because when she did the world changed forever.

Greg must go back. Stop her assassination. Because he is the only man who can. And the stakes couldn’t be higher. Because if he fails it means the end of the world.

Howard Whitlock is a far left extremist, a long-term campaigner against the evils of capitalism and the free market. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth – his father a high-ranking civil servant, mother a socialite with connections to the royal family. A product of Eton, Oxford and Queen’s Regiment he is now disillusioned with the system that produced him. He joins the Communist Party, takes up direct action but it’s not enough. In June 1983 he disappears. On 31st December of that year he becomes a hitman when he assassinates the UK’s first woman Prime Minister.

Holly Thomas is a member of the Counter Temporal Agency. She must convince Greg to help her fix the timeline before it’s too late.

John Kramer is a Temporal Agent. He works for the government. And his job is to keep things exactly as they are. He’s ruthless, dedicated and totally without remorse.


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