See It First: C.B. Stone, D.N. Erikson, and Gaja J. Kos and Boris Kos

See It First: C.B. Stone, D.N. Erikson, and Gaja J. Kos and Boris Kos

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Paranormal Fantasy

Preview Factions by C.B. Stone

Factions by C.B. Stone

Two years ago, she woke up to utter chaos and desolation in the wake of a magic-laced bio attack on humanity.

Since then, she’s had one burning goal.


Forced to hide unwanted magical abilities, when she accidentally reveals them, her brother is kidnapped in an attempt to coerce her compliance in aligning with NuGen Society.

Rumored to be responsible for the attacks, NuGen is the leading “mob boss” of various magical factions that have risen in the wake of the destruction, and she’d rather die than work for them.

But if she wants to find her brother, she must make an uneasy alliance with the man sent to recruit her.

Will he become her ally?

Or her biggest weakness?

Urban Fantasy

Lightning Blade by D.N. Erikson

Lightning Blade by D.N. Erikson

Ruby Callaway, the world’s best supernatural bounty hunter, just cut a deal with the FBI: she kills a murderous necromancer, they cut her loose from prison after twenty years. Simple—except for one complication.

When Ruby tracks down the necromancer, he kills her instead.

Then she wakes up hours earlier—very confused and very much alive. But as time trickles by, Ruby puts together the truth: the necromancer has plunged the day into an endless loop that only she can see. And the necromancer has far bigger plans for this endless day than murder…

Dark Fantasy

Forged in Flames by Gaja J. Kos and Boris Kos

Forged in Flames by Gaja J. Kos and Boris Kos

This is not a tale of redemption.
It is not a path to inspire dreams.
It is the rise of Lakrius.
The man of many names. The deceiver of time.

The king of fortune lost.

* * *

Working as a blacksmith for noblemen willing to kill to protect their secrets, Avvyr knows his days are numbered. Unless he walks a path more dangerous than death itself.

As he unearths the truth behind their power—something far grimmer than he ever could have imagined—Avvyr realizes there is a way to put an end to the nobles’ brutal reign.

But while his intentions are pure, his actions thin the divide between life and darkness, threatening to entrap him in the very cage he wanted the world to escape.​


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