See It First: Darius Brasher, Jaime Davis, and Chloe Garner

See It First: Darius Brasher, Jaime Davis, and Chloe Garner

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Urban Fantasy

Preview Caped by Darius Brasher

 Caped by Darius Brasher

The best time to kill a superhero is before he becomes one.
Scrawny seventeen-year-old Theodore Conley shocks himself and everyone else by tossing three big bullies around like they are wads of paper and Theo is aiming for the trash can.

Now that he has superpowers, suddenly everyone expects Theo to do great things. He doesn’t want to do anything great, however. It’s too much work and too dangerous. Unless it’s safe and involves Theo finally getting a girlfriend, he’s not interested.

Theo gets more danger than he can handle when a supervillain attacks. In self-defense, Theo is forced to pursue a hero’s cape in superhero school, a frightening place of grueling humiliation, intense combat training, and deadly tests.

Theo soon finds that even just a potential superhero gets an archenemy. The problem is Theo’s doesn’t want to just defeat him.

His archenemy wants to kill him.


Merlin’s Secret by Jaime Davis

Merlin's Secret by Jaime Davis

Europe is in ruins, and England is falling.

Ricky is a magic-user — a chanter — in a world where magic is dying. Blamed for the death of magic, he flees across England and sails to the United Americas, looking for a fresh start.

But magic is failing on the other side of the ocean as well — and once there, in his adopted city of Baltimore, he’ll have to decide: will he move into a bright future with the lovely Ellie, or will his dark past drag him down?

Science Fiction

Space Needles by Chloe Garner

Space Needles by Chloe Garner

Kenny is a space needle operator, the head of the Houston installation of a network of needles used to ship the world’s goods from point to point in zero gravity, zero friction. It’s a complex, dangerous system that, at this point, is mostly managed by machines until, one day, things start to go wrong. The science on this one isn’t airtight, but if you’ll take it with a wink, it’s a fun, exciting story about technology and corporate politics and the difference between the story from inside the machine and the one we see, outside of it.

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