See It First: Dean F. Wilson, P. D. Workman, and Holly Evans

See It First: Dean F. Wilson, P. D. Workman, and Holly Evans

We love introducing Instafreebie readers to great stories and big ideas. Take a chance on new authors and try great stories from old favorites. See it first every day with Instafreebie and be free to discover authors you’ll love. We’re thrilled to share the latest and greatest from our science fiction and fantasy genres!

Science Fiction

Preview Dustrunner by Dean F. Wilson

Dustrunner by Dean F. Wilson

Nox is a wanted man.

While searching for a criminal, the fabled Coilhunter wanders into a tribal village massacre. He didn’t do it, but that doesn’t matter. The clues point to him, and he’s made a lot of enemies over the years. Many would happily see the tables turned.

His pleas of innocence fall on deaf ears. No sooner does he try to find the real killers than posters go up across the Wild North—posters with his face and his name. He isn’t the only bounty hunter out there. Dozens assemble to cash him in.

Tasked with finding out who’s framed him, Nox must also survive the constant onslaught of frontier law. He’s used to hunting others. He’s not so used to life on the run.


Exclusive Loose The Dogs by P. D. Workman

Loose The Dogs by P. D. Workman

Seven dogs are adopted by families all across the country who do not know their history.

Frank would never forget walking into that trailer. He saw it in his mind every time he closed his eyes. He woke up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, seeing those eyes and those teeth, screaming soundlessly, gasping for breath.

How could anyone make such a stupid a decision, knowing what those dogs did?

LGBT Fantasy

Blood & Ink by Holly Evans

Blood & Ink by Holly Evans

It turns out that saving the day comes at a cost. In this case, my home in Wildrun. Oh, and my freedom.

Keirn called in a few favours with his friend, Fein. In return for a new life and some help hiding the fact that I’m an ink magician, we belong to the elf that runs half of Prague. Some rumours say he runs half the continent.

There’s an art thief in town, and Fein’s decided it’s my job to find and stop them. I didn’t dare point out that I’m a tattoo magician, not a detective.

The real problem is, I’m terrified that this is a slippery slope, and I don’t like where it’s going.


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3 thoughts on “See It First: Dean F. Wilson, P. D. Workman, and Holly Evans

  1. I really appreciate the free books you offer, but I just don’t understand why you include horror with fantasy & sci-fi. Both of the latter genres are escapist by nature, but horror most definitely IS NOT. I know it’s tough to find a genre that is more associated with it, but what about with suspense/thrillers, action, or mystery? To me, at least, those seem to be more appropriate. JMHO. Thanks!

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