See It First: Erick Walk, Gwen Gades, and Raza Imam

See It First: Erick Walk, Gwen Gades, and Raza Imam

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Exclusive Investing 101 by Erick Walk

Investing 101 by Erick Walk

Find out Where and How to Invest your Money for a Wealthy Future!

This book is for people who are looking for the smartest ways to build on their savings in order to secure a wealthy future. You’re about to discover how to choose your best investing options, allocate and diversify your portfolio, set a plan for the long term and more!

Here is What is Included:

  • The Basics on Financial Planning
  • Saving and Investing
  • How to Reduce your Investing Risks
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investing in Precious Metals
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • And much more!

Download now your FREE copy and get ready for a rich future!


The Complete Guide to Writing for Young Adults by Gwen Gades

The Complete Guide to Writing for Young Adults is an essential resource for the emerging YA author. Here you’ll find honest advice from award winners, international bestsellers, and industry professionals.
If you’ve wondered why you need an agent, how to build your career, whether you should collaborate on that project, or how to write responsibly for a younger audience… it’s all here to get you started:

  • The Emergence of YA: Adrienne Kress
  • Age Considers, Youth Ventures: Defining YA: E.C. Myers
  • The Problem With Parents: Deby Fredericks
  • Writing YA Science Fiction as if Science Matters: Allen Steele
  • More Than Girl And Boy Books: Gender In YA: Leah Bobet
  • Creepy Or Romantic: Fanny Valentine Darling
  • Making Your Readers Team Players: Julie Kagawa
  • Trans 101 for YA Writers: Sassafras Lowrey
  • Agent Secrets For YA Writers: Laurie McLean
  • Book Bloggers Are Your Friends: Pam van Hylckama Vlieg
  • The Best About Collaboration (and a little of the worst): Clay and Susan Griffith
  • The Home Field Disadvantage: Leah Petersen


Preview The Mental Movie Method by Raza Imam and EAC Andrews

The Mental Movie Method by Raza Imam

Professional athletes and Olympic competitors know this secret. Top performing sales people know this secret. Celebrity personal trainers know this secret. Russian scientists know this secret.

The secret I’m talking about is the power of visualization. Once you learn how to use it and practice it, you’ll be able to unleash the hidden talents, potential, and genius your subconscious mind possesses… in just minutes a day.

In this book, you’ll discover simple, actionable, quick steps you can take to maximize your visualize your ideal outcome and how to deal with the inevitable contingencies life throws your way. This is a scientifically proven, research-backed way to develop, harness, and unleash the power of your mind.

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