See It First: Gus Heyerdahl, Vicente Morales, and Louise Lynn

See It First: Gus Heyerdahl, Vicente Morales, and Louise Lynn

We love introducing Instafreebie readers to great stories and big ideas. Take a chance on new authors and try great stories from old favorites. See it first every day with Instafreebie and be free to discover authors you’ll love. We’re thrilled to share the latest and greatest from our mystery, thriller, and crime genres!


Blood Bath in Rio by Gus Heyerdahl

Blood Bath in Rio by Gus Heyerdahl

Tor Medina’s first thriller! Find out how it all started. After watching his family being massacred, young Tor Medina kills a man and flees. Why was his family killed and what will he do now? Get this new detective thriller that one reader described as “hard to put down”. Discover what happened in Tor Medina’s past that will forever haunt him and the reason why he became one of the world’s top detectives.


Rest In Peace, Baby by Vicente Morales

Rest In Peace, Baby by Vicente Morales

One bada** girl, a sh*tload of murderous narcos, and nonstop action from the opening line. This is a no holds barred introductory action sequence filled with deliciously unrealistic action and an over the top heroine. It’s a blazing fast 90-page read.

It’s not a full novel with a full plot, character development, etc. If you want those things (ya greedy b*stard!) you’ll have to read my next book, which ain’t free! Cheapskates love free books, but my baby girl don’t like cheapskates…

This book is just the teaser to get your blood pumping and sucker you into buying my next book. (I’m sorry for being such a greedy b*stard that I actually want to make a living.)

Grab your free copy, get glued to your seat, and then resentfully buy the next Bada** Mexican Girl thriller!

Cozy Mystery

Preview Purrfect Murder by Louise Lynn

Purrfect Murder: A Hazel Hart Cozy Mystery One by Louise Lynn

Hazel Hart is having a terrible day.

A man is murdered in her Wild @ Hart Photo Studio, and the new sheriff in Cedar Valley not only declares it a crime scene and insults Hazel’s fashion sense, but he also suspects Hazel of the murder!

In order to clear her name and restore her shop’s reputation, Hazel must find the real killer. Problem is, the list of suspects and their secrets seem to grow the deeper Hazel digs. Not to mention the mysterious figure who keeps showing up in Hazel’s photos. Can she unearth the killer before time runs out?


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