See It First: Jill b., Noel Eastwood, and Mark Dawson with Jennifer McIntyre

See It First: Jill b., Noel Eastwood, and Mark Dawson with Jennifer McIntyre

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Science and Nature

How to Keep Backyard Chickens by Jill b.

How to Keep Backyard Chickens by Jill b.

Are You Thinking of Keeping Chickens But Don’t Know Where to Start?

This Beginner’s Chicken-Keeping Guide Will Help You:

  • Get Started – Who to Talk to Before You Get Chickens.
  • Decide Which Chicken Breed or Breeds To Get Based On the Characteristics That You Are Looking For In A Chicken.
  • Find Or Purchase Your First Flock
  •  Find Feed Dealers
  • Find Everything You Need To Set Up Your Brooder and Your Coop.
  • Care for Your Chicks
  • Integrate Your Chicks If You Already Have An Existing Flock.
  • Manage Your Chicken Litter and More!

Special Section With Tips On Deterring Predators: The author’s homestead is also home to abundant wildlife including: foxes, bears, raccoons, hawks and even mountain lions. While no method is 100% fool-proof, the author includes tips and ideas on how to you can help to protect your chickens from predators.

Special Section On Egg Preservation: What do you do when you have an abundance of eggs? The book includes preservation techniques such as pickling, brining, freezing and waxing.

Get started today!

Education & Teaching

Preview Psychology of Reading and the Brain by Noel Eastwood

Preview Psychology of Reading and the Brain by Noel Eastwood

An ideal book for parents and educators on the origins of the English language and the brain’s role in processing language both written and spoken.

Punching above it’s weight this concise book shows:

  • A history of Britain’s many settlements from 800,000 years ago
  • How English evolved from the earlier celtic, anglo-saxon, old Norse, old French to it’s modern adaptions
  • How story telling triggers the brain to remember
  • A history of the written word
  • The neurological and psychological pathways in speech and writing
  • How the brain reads and understands language
  • How to help your child who is struggling to read
  • Dyslexia, learning difficulties and developmental delay
  • The importance of brain maturation in childhood learning

Written by a former special education teacher and school psychologist and drawing upon his diverse background in education, teaching, psychology and neurophysiology,

The author provides tips on how to support your child through their journey to literacy mastery and the role that neural maturation and learning readiness plays in that success.

‘Reading and the Brain’ begins with the history of English as a unique language that is an artifact of Britain’s many invasions and settlements from the Celts to the Norman French. As a result of its assimilation of other languages, mastery of English offers unique challenges to native speakers and second language learners alike. This book provides a brief but concise time-line of how writing evolved followed by how the brain processes spoken and written language.

Language acquisition is a complex biological and intellectual process as we acquire the ability to communicate and comprehend language. Parents and teachers of children with learning and reading difficulties, such as dyslexia and developmental delay, will find useful insights into their problems and tips on how to help them.

This book provides insights that rarely come in the one package for teachers, educators and parents into the amazing process of language and learning. It’s many summaries are an added aid for readers.


How to Work with an Editor by Mark Dawson with Jennifer McIntyre

How to Work with an Editor by Mark Dawson with Jennifer McIntyre

Handing your work over to an editor can be a terrifying experience.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Editor Jennifer McIntyre and bestseller Mark Dawson will teach you how to make the most of this critical phase of book writing.

  • You’ll learn why you really do need an editor.
  • How to determine what kind of work needs to be done to your project.
  • How and where to look for a qualified editor.
  • How the hiring process works, what to ask a prospective editor and what they may ask you.
  • How to be an awesome client.
  • What to do when your manuscript comes back.

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